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Beach Wedding Decor Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. What are the pros and cons of an outdoor wedding?

    I am working on planning a wedding and, although I have plenty of time to decide, I would like to know what everyone has to say about an outdoor wedding. What are the good things, the bad things? Thanks in advance!

  2. How do receptions work at destination weddings?

    I do not see reception costs listed for all-inclusive resort weddings (e.g. Sandals). They may say "cocktail reception for bride & groom" or "bride & groom and 2 others." How do you plan a reception at a destination?

  3. What do you think of these colors for a beach wedding?

    Light pink, dark pink and white? We are having it in the summer and I think they are perfect but I want outside unbiased opinions, thanks!

  4. How does one go about getting married inexpensively?

    A millionaire is getting married soon. She has offered her clubhouse to me to get married in. She is going to have a REAL wedding with money. I, on the other hand, will have condiments from Circle K (local convenience store). Just kidding. Mine will totally be the opposite as I do not even know how cheap to go on this. I am minimum wage and a millionaire is a hard act to follow. What do I do?

  5. How does a wedding work exactly?

    i know you walk down the aisle, say vowels, kiss, then walk back down the aisle. Where do you go from there? and who sets up all your decorations? the food? thanks guys:)

  6. What resort in Jamaica will provide us with a beautiful, upscale wedding, serene atmostphere and romance?

    We are getting married this August and have decided on Jamaica for our destination! The next step is selecting a location that is all-inclusive and handles all the wedding details. We plan on having a handful of family members attend the ceremony. We have looked at Sandals, Beaches, Breezes, and Couples Resorts in Jamaica. Can anyone give us first-hand feedback from a wedding experience in Jamaica? Even better...any pictures? Thank you SOOOOO much!

  7. ocean wedding color Corn flower blue i dont no what to do ?

    im going Cheap i dont have money my center pieces or plastic giant wine cups with aqua rocks in them around the table im going to have star fish shells but i dont no what else to do decor ? favors ? im doing cup cakes i havent seen any ocean cup cakes please help

  8. I am getting married 8-2-08 & having a beach wedding in Twin Lake Mi & i need advice for the ceremony decor.?

    I am having a wedding with a theme of the beach and I need help with the chair decorations for the ceremony I am having red and royal blue roses but not sure what i can do for the chairs and alter. Also i want to get chair covers but not sure where to get them at.