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Beach Wedding Decor Seashells Questions Answered!

  1. What colors are good for a June wedding?

    I just recently set a date for June 9th,2012 and the theme is sandy beach. I want to know what colors would be good to use for everything from the invites to bridesmaids dresses to the reception decor and the groomsmen outfits.

  2. Any on the fly, romatic, creative, inexpensive wedding ideas???

    Hey! My fella and I have been planning to marry in a year or so...but we have decided to move it along!! I am just looking for some pretty chill, small ideas for a wedding with friends & family (no more than 20 guests).... any ideas? i do live near the beach...

  3. would like help finding wedding theme?

    details of a carribean theme for my wedding in kent please anybody know of co ordinators for themmed weddings ?

  4. Beach wedding decor ideas?

    Have you ever been to a beach wedding? Any cute/ original ideas for center pieces, place cards, decor? I'm totally clueless on this one. My fiance says that the resort is beautiful as it is and that no extra decor is necesary, but I'm afraid that it will be bare without other stuff. Ideas, anyone?

  5. Creative place card ideas?

    It's for a tropical themed event. I need something to put on the tables so guests know where to sit/what table to sit at. Anything creative other than plain old cards? Also, where can I buy place cards?

  6. I am getting married 8-2-08 & having a beach wedding in Twin Lake Mi & i need advice for the ceremony decor.?

    I am having a wedding with a theme of the beach and I need help with the chair decorations for the ceremony I am having red and royal blue roses but not sure what i can do for the chairs and alter. Also i want to get chair covers but not sure where to get them at.

  7. decor ideas? pics?

    i am having a beach themed wedding and need decor ideas. i need stuff i can make on my own. here are pics of the place so you can see what i have to work with. i have bought tons of sand and shells, so all i need are ideas...thanks!! http://www.louisvillevisualart.org/rental.html click on 'view photo gallery' beside the tower pic to see more!!

  8. im wondering what theme would go great with this?

    Im getting married here and i am wondering what theme other than Beach would go good with this something beautiful and yes i want a theme i like themes. http://www.herecomestheguide.com/location/detail/the-cheesecake-factory/ ok i dont really mean not a "Beach theme wedding " just mean not like sea shells and stuff maybe more of sailor ship or something? anything would work im sorta throwing in the starry night with it

  9. Fish As Centerpieces at my wedding?

    Hi There. I live in Florida and having the good ole Beach wedding. I can't find the right flowers for my wedding. So I am stressing out on centerpieces. Its a tropical/Beach theme. I was wondering is it expensive to use GoldFish/Beta in a nice bowl and yada yada yada.. ?? and Can I return the Fish when I am done?? Has anyone done this?? Oh yes, my colors are Pool (light blue) and Canary.. What about half and half? Like some tables have the floating candles and some have fish? I will have about 200+ guest. I am trying to keep it lost cost.. (if there is such a thing)

  10. Decoration and planning tips???

    I am getting married in 10 months. Anything you can add to the ideas I have so far? The color is Tropic. It is an ocean aqua blue. The wedding is in the spring and the reception venue overlooks water. I want hanging white lanterns surrounded by blues and green sea glass on the tables. I want hints of sparkle and pearls somehow. And I want everything to be crisp and clean. Elegant too. What kind of flowers? Decorations? Outside beach decor? Anything else you can think of??? Thank You!!!

  11. Water themed wedding?

    My sister is planning to get married and she and her groom would like to have a water theme without actually getting married near water, as this is too expensive. What are some ways that we can incorporate water into the wedding decor and theme inland? Water themed...not beach themed. No shells, no animals thats not what they are into. There colors are chocolate and latte... I am liking the suggesstions so far...things I didn't think of. I am planning her a party to actually present samples of ideas to help bring the whole thing to life!!!! Any and Everything will be shown to her. Her fiance is from Trinidad so he is really big about having water as a major part of the event! She doesn't like the beach...so that makes it more difficult.

  12. Ideas for chair decorations at ceremony?

    So in this pic, They used seashells because it was at the beach: http://weddings.theknot.com/ODB/themes/realweddings/detailview.aspx?id=24806&type=3&wedding_details=Ceremony+Decor&knot%20pick=true&HPpos=30a&HPdate=20080310 Well my wedding is in a japanese garden, using alot of cherry blossom decor... What is an asian inspired idea for chair decorations? Thanks!

  13. simple wedding centerpieces/table decor?

    Have anyone ever seen the diamond table scatter/crystal gems on tables at weddings? Where they with candles? I am thinking of doing this and wanted to know if it was in good taste or does it look cheap and tacky? Thanks

  14. I am redoing my room...any ideas?

    i am a teenage girl in highschool and i want to redo my room to make it more mature...i love color, my favorite color is yellow, i love flowers,i love the beach(but i don't want to do a major beach theme becuase a lot of people do that) i want to come in my room and feel at ease. i want it to be orderly and maybe have a desk i can do my homework at and have my computer on. should i have a theme? Or should i just have colors? What goes good with Yellow? Any Ideas? P.S. my room isn't that big (if that makes any difference) Thanks for the help!