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Beach Wedding Decor Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Can anyone help with our wedding theme?

    We are planning to have our wedding on the beach, or outside in general. But we don't want a beach themed wedding. We have been trying to find ideas where we can use top hats and canes, with a gothic feel. We were thinking maybe victorian or 1920s. Any theme idea would help. Our wedding colors are black, red, purple, sliver if that helps anyone.

  2. What are some good decor ideas for an Aloha themed vow renewal?

    I'm helping plan one and its a really small budget with like thirty ppl there but she wants it to still be nice. Just so you know the theme its because Aloha means hello, goodbye and also love. They want a love circle insted of an arch and money saving tips for that would also be great thanks. A love circle is a circle of flowers that the couple step into as a show of becoming one. Normaly you'd use island flowers or local flowers. Its in july in NC.

  3. Can I get some help with a cheap wedding?

    My Bf and I are planning a wedding for next July. Can we ge some practical tips on how to have an affordable wedding. we live in Jamaica and we want to have a beach front wedding .Any ideas on cheap decoration and cakes etc.

  4. I am having a beach wedding in Florida does anyone have any good ideas for color schemes or flower choice?

    I am having my wedding on captiva island. Does anyone have any color ideas for wedding party, flower types, or any other tips?

  5. What wedding ideas do you have for a $5000 wedding...in the midwest. (aka, no beaches :( unfortunately)?

    I want a classy wedding with 40-100 guests only. I want to be sure to stay within the $5000 provided budget (less if possible, as we could use the extra money toward our rings or honeymoon). I do not mind a spring or summer wedding for 2010. Any and all ideas/suggestions/resources/references/websites are really appreciated. Thanks in advance!! @(~_~)@

  6. Hey I'm getting ready for my wedding and I need some help?

    I want to have a summer wedding but I want something unique. I know everyone does the beach or fourth of july but I want something that's uniqe and I want it old fashioned I want dancing and so if you have any ideas that would please me and my fiance a lot thanks.

  7. I am planning a beach wedding in a year, what are some good decoration ideas?

    I dont want the whole seashell, or flower type theme. I am planning it for March or April, I want a teal or sky blue color scheme, just not all the frilly princess type theme. Something casual. This is the dress I will be getting, also I will be wearing my hair similar to the model in the picture. http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_Halter-Chiffon-A-Line-with-Center-Front-Draping-BR1016_Bridal-Gowns-Shop-By-Style-Classic-Timeless

  8. I'mHaving a mexico/beach, destination wedding. Anyone have creative ideas on decor, favors, or centerpiece?

    Ideas on creative save the date or invitions willl be great too! Oh and please i need cost effective ideas!

  9. Unique ideas for a fairytale wedding?

    I am having a "Whimsical Fairytale" wedding complete with huge dessert bar, and sparkling chandelier centerpieces, but I am looking for unique, small touches that will really make my event special. I am trying to avoid cliches, and stereotypical wedding overkill, but incorporate decor and ideas that will really WOW! my guests. I am trying to create a sense of whimsey, rather than a cheesy cliche.

  10. My sister is getting married in Playa del Carmen (Riviera Maya, Mexico) on the beach 2/09. Any ideas?

    Links to sites for casual dresses (for bride, matron of honor [me], jr. bride's maid [her daughter] and flower girl), ideas for decor, favors, tips, etc...appreciated. It will be a very small and casual beach ceremony. It is the 2nd marriage for both bride and groom, so we're not looking for white, but rather soft pastels/beach tones. Thanks! She's a busy single mom and I'm just trying to help with the leg-work!

  11. How do I save money on a beach theme wedding reception?

    My fiancé and I are going to Hawaii for are wedding ceremony. There will be 8 guest. We want to have are reception in Michigan. Im in love with elegance with a touch of Hawaii (without being cheesy) to give our guest a filling of actually being there.

  12. having turquoise as a main colour for my wedding any ideas for themes?

    hi all, The only theme i can come up with is a beach theme, any other ideas? hope you can help :-) i understand what some of you are saying about the 'theme' idea, i was just thinking of some nice details to add to the tables and things