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Garden Wedding Design Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Wedding Question. How to have a memorable one on a budget?

    I am planning my wedding under three months ~ yes its crazy but i dont want to start our married lives in a huge amount of debt. What are the essential elements of a wedding that i need to include, I want to make it almost perfect and make it feel weddingish lol. My partner is too shy to do a dance (i dont mind, im uncoordinated on my feet too). I have a nice cake, photographer, bridal party, location etc. Just need to know what else :) Thanks

  2. does any body know any good ocean themed bedroom and bathroom ideas for a teen?

    I am remodeling my bedroom and bathroom and i need some ideas. websites and pictures would be nice thanks!

  3. What is a creative way to use a handmade stoneware bowl?

    I got this bowl for my wedding and I have no idea what to use it for. I already have one with candy in it; I have a nice bowl with fruit in it. I'm running out of ideas. It's a really pretty bowl! Help!

  4. What kind of wedding flowers would compliment a turquoise theme?

    My bridesmaids, wedding dress trim, and groomsmen will all be rocking turquoise at our wedding in a year. My mother is in charge of flowers and is having a hard time coming up with something that will compliment that color! I thought pink roses or stargazer lilies would be best but she thinks I'm nuts. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

  5. What are some cute ideas to decorate my bedroom?

    i am decorating my bedroom soon and i dont want to spend too much but want my room to look really cute, i have chosen the colour teal and have a statement wall in the colour black, i was hoping for some really cool ideas for homemade decorations or DIY kinda ideas :-) thanks

  6. Doing a surprise 40th Wedding anniversary party for my parents on a budget, what can I do?

    Doing a surprise 40th Wedding Anniversary party for my parents on a very small budget!!!! Need ideas on buffet food and decorating the room, what can I do?

  7. Where are the Cheap Movie Theaters in Minneapolis?

    Looking for budget cinemas, any ideas? And other budget outings too if you know any.

  8. How do you plan a small, simple and classy wedding?

    on a very small budget? i just want something nice for my closest friends and family. but i still want it to be something special to remember does anyone have any advice on planning something like this.. help will be greatly appreciated.. i have no idea where to start. is it really ok to just do desert? im pretty good at that stuff and i was thinking of making chocolate covered strawberries and maybe a few other little desserts.... and the cake ofcourse.. a friend of the family is making it for just 50 bucks!

  9. Wedding cake for a mexican wedding?

    Looking for decoration ideas for the cake I am to make for my brother's reception. They are getting married in Cancun and the reception theme is following that theme. Thanks!

  10. How to cut back on wedding expenses?

    How can we keep our wedding under $10,000 or close to it? Prices just keep going up... and we want to keep the prices low

  11. What do you think about congical visits for inmates?

    Should people, who break the law, have any rights? Should they be allowed to enjoy freedoms, though they've broken the law and been found guilty? What do you think about these visits for sex offenders/predators? please star, I want lots of answers so I dont have to keep posting and also to get people thinking on the subject. Thank you for your cooperation.

  12. what is the best cloth i should use in table skirting?

    what is the most elegant materials i should use in table setting?pls give me the pictures...i can't research it...pls help...coz i'm going to compete in tables skirting and table setting...thanks..

  13. Ideas for asian themed wedding decorations?

    Having wedding at japanese garden and dinner afterwards at japanese restaurant. What ideas do you have for decorations that have an asian feel. My wedding colors will be mostly brown and green (a fall version... not lime or bright green) with pink accents here and there. Also, any good websites to look at or shop on