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Fall Wedding Decor For Sale Questions Answered!

  1. how much does it cost to have a nice wedding-from the most frugal planning estimate to a more moderate wedding?

    i have never planned one or helped anyone so i have no idea what i am in for. our date is for next mid october. I would like any advice as when should i start planning it, how much money do i need to have saved, how much time do i need to put it in. thanks so much for any help! i am a clueless bride to be and also kinda poor, lol

  2. I can't make up my mind about my wedding?!?

    I can't make up my mind about wedding and time is running out! I really wanted a fall wedding with fall colors, outdoors. But I love, love, love, love the idea of a Christmas wedding! I think they are so beautiful and classy! Opinions?!

  3. fall wedding decor ect.?

    I am having a fall wedding and was wanting to know if anyone out their has any fall wedding items for sale. Im looking for all sorts of things. many mason jars and other centerpieces would be great as well. im using real pumkins and gourds for centerpieces as well but I want to do a little of other stuff with the mason jars ect. If anyone has anything feel free to email me. stoner_sarah22@yahoo.com! Thanks so much to anyone who responds to help me!

  4. I plan on having a wedding in Sept.09 In Cola SC and I need cheap wedding ideas. ceremony; reception. HELP!!!?

    I plan on saving in everyway possible. Also what are some nice gifts for bridesmaids, and Wedding favors..

  5. need beautiful wedding and family reunion hall decor. ideas?

    simple,elegant,fall wedding in oct.,church wedding,not to costly about 500.00 for decorations. church and hall

  6. How should I tell my mom I don't like something she bought for my wedding decor?

    I have a very specific list of items I want, but she got excited about stuff on sale and bought things that don't go with my wedding decor. It's not super out of place, but if she had just asked me first I would have said no in a heartbeat. But here she is with all her stuff that she can't return. I feel like a jerk, but I really hate it. I'm very picky about design, and I always have been, which is why I was so specific about what I wanted. Now I don't know what to do. I'm trying to think of ways to re-purpose it, but nothing is coming to mind. I like the idea of blaming it on my fiancee. He actually does hate it... Also my mother's joy in my (yes, it -is- mine!) wedding is not based on the decorations she bought. It's based on my happiness. Anyway, thanks, everybody. I just told her I wasn't totally sold on the stuff and now we'll discuss it. And she's not going to die of heartbreak, or whatever.

  7. Help?! Cheap wedding ideas?

    So im getting married September of 2011, i know its still rather far away but me and my fiance dont have a ton of money to put into it. I would like to start planning soon, and i know alot of places require you to book so far in advance, along with a deposit. I was just curious if anyone had any tips on cheaper wedding ideas at all, like ceremony site, reception site, decor, etc.. Thanks =]]

  8. need help with CHEAP reception ideas for a fall wedding!?

    ok, so to start my brother is getting married! :) they dont have much money for the wedding or reception. they have the church already and they decided to have the reception at my moms house (wont be tons and tons of people) so they are doing the fall harvest wedding our brides made dresses are red, and our boutiques are yellow sunflowers and red sunflowers. im not really sure how all to decorate the yard for the reception (i kinda want it to be a surprise) so far my ideas are: -straw bales (for decoration AND sitting on cause we dont have many chairs) -pumpkins for decoration -mason jars (if i can find some) with a candle in them to light when it starts getting dark (wedding reception will start around noon and last till.... the last person leaves lol) -i want to get a few strands of white lights (if i can find some cheap) and drape them from the tent that the cake and food will be in to the top of the house what other ideas are their.. like i said needs to be cheap cause they don't have the money and some of this is coming out of my pocket (cause its going to be a surprise) and i dont have much money ether. any suggestions would help!! thanks in advance!

  9. What stores would have fall clearance items availible right now?

    My fiancee and I are getting married September of this year, so our theme is a fall wedding. We have to do this on a budget, a budget of $3,000-$5,000 for the whole wedding of 400 maybe more.(including my dress, food, etc) So I need ideas on stores and online stores that have fall themed decorations, favors, etc for a great price, I don't want my wedding to look cheap or not well thought out, so decorations that will be complimented, not made fun of. I may have a budget that isn't huge, but I want my wedding to be perfect, like any women would want. I am pretty crafty so I know I can make dollar tree items, etc work if I had ribbons and all that fancy stuff. So if they can be made to look even better, I will consider them. I tried the dollar tree online, but right now they do not sell fall season items :( The plan was to order the fake leaves and stuff they had in bulk online but its not there. I tried looking for where they get the stuff they sell from but i had no luck finding a site. Also, my dollar tree still has a few items in the back that are fall items, but they are not listed half price like they usually list old stuff, can I ask them when they will be on clearance? or if they have more items in the back? Please help with these questions and list sites you know of. Sorry for the long explanation but I had to be clear on what I was looking for. Thanks so much in Advance!

  10. how can i plan my wedding with a very tight budget? around $5000.?

    i would like to know how to do my own invites and print them out etc