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Cheap Fall Wedding Decor Questions Answered!

  1. I have a BILLION wedding planning QUESTIONS what do I do?? If you are planning your own wedding what are the..

    easiest things you can do yourself and not pay someone else to do? If you have a catering service what are the things you need to pay them for and what are the things you can do yourself? If you purchase some sort of package do you get a discount for doing some of the things yourself? I am trying to plan my own wedding and I am a girl who never thought about this kinda stuff growing up, so I don't have a clue?? We don't have alot of money, but want to have the nicest wedding with what we have. How many people out there that planned there own wedding would do it all again the same way? How many people who are in the process of planning there own wedding wish they wouldn't have even started? Sorry:-( I said I had sooo many questions so anyone who can anwer any of them will be a help to me thank you in advance! And, I am sure I will be back for more help!!;-)

  2. Help! my sister is planning a hideous wedding!?

    My sister is in the early stages of planning her wedding set for fall of 2014, but I'm not really too keen on some of the things she wants and I'm at a loss as far as telling her that something is tacky or suggesting an alternative w/o seeming like I'm trying to take over. She has chosen an ivory gown which is nice for any time of year and though it is not really my style (too sexy), she loves it and looks nice in it, but....she wants the bridesmaids to wear silver dresses. Silver and ivory just seems like it will clash. We shopped for dresses recently and found one that may work, but it doesn't come in silver, the closest is pewter (dark gray). I don't really think pewter will go well with ivory either. and neither silver nor pewter seem like fall colors...gold, brown, copper, Burgundy, goldenrod, rust...those colors are more in keeping with the season and the warm tones would go better with the slight yellow tint of an ivory dress rather than the cool tones of silver and gray....in my opinion anyway. furthermore, gray seems a bit depressing for a wedding. has anyone else been in a similar situation? Any advice for dealing with a bride who has no sense of style? I understand that this is her day and she gets the last word...not only that, she is very stubborn...but I would like to gently sway her toward a wedding that doesn't look cheap (thankfully, the satin bm dresses are off the table! shiny silver satin? can you even imagine? ) She's already chosen a crappy DJ and wants a cake in the shape of the Stanley cup, and I've bitten my tongue, but I would really prefer that my dress (and those of the rest if the bridal party) complement hers rather than clashing. I'm still trying to ferret out what her ideas are for decor, flowers and attire for the groomsmen to work out how she wants the wedding to look overall to see if there is another color that may work and still fit in with her vision. any advice (or your own bridesmaid horror stories) would be greatly appreci

  3. I'm having an outdoor wedding reception. Flowers are red and white roses. Need low cost elegant decorations?

    ideas on decorations, food and drink and serving possibilites. It is in Oct. Not an autumn theme. It is is my own backyard so I'm planting red and white knock out roses that bloom in the fall. Need help to make my sons wedding special. There will be children, so firepits for heat wont work if its cold (in Kansas). what are activities for children.