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Fall Wedding Decor Centerpieces Questions Answered!

  1. How can fruit be used as wedding ceremony decor?

    We are getting married in an old converted church, it's now a performance hall but the pew seats are still intact. I was trying to think of a way to use my fruit centerpieces as inspiration for ceremony decor. Have you seen fruit used as decor for the ceremony?

  2. What are the best colors for a September wedding?

    9-18-09 wedding, ourdoor ceremony and indoor reception. What are the best colors in your opinion. Dress is diamond white with pewter accents, traditional a line. Evening wedding in Sacramento, CA. Approx 50 people, small bridal party. Thanks for any help.

  3. Does anyone know of a nice, affordable place to get married in LA county?

    I am getting married in about a year. I'm expecting about 250 guests with a budget of 20k..which includes the ceremony at a church and the reception. I'd like to have a traditional wedding and hopefully an all-inclusve package. Does anyone know of a nice place in or around LA county?

  4. Can you see white floralyte through black or white eiffel tower vase?

    I am doing eiffel tower vases as my centerpieces for my wedding, and was wanted to put floralytes (LED) lights in them. I was going to go with clear, but realized that you would be able to see the actual light through the clear vase..and not be able to use the decor marbles because they are too big to fit around and hide the light. So I found where they sell white and black eiffel tower vases. If I was to get these, does anybody know if the light would shine through these, or not?

  5. November wedding, brides can you help out?

    I am having some trouble getting ideas for my November wedding. Obviously, magazines only have summer wedding decor so it is hard to take ideas from as far as flowers. I was just wondering how fall/winter brides are planning their weddings. I want to have some ideas before meeting with our floral designer again but it is difficult to find good pictures. I am finding that the ones on the internet can be limited as well. I am mainly looking for flowers..........my colors are champagne, white and mermaid

  6. For a fall wedding what color would go with amethyst?

    I only know one color; amethyst. That is the color of the bridesmaids dresses. I thought silver would look beautiful but am having a hard time finding proper decor in silver. Any one have Ideas? Everyone says gole...does anyone have links that would show what the two look like together...I cant see them being cohesive.

  7. what should i do for wedding centerpieces?

    ok my wedding is july 4 next year the girls dresses are watermelon color and i would like to go with a country themed wedding i have been throwing ideas around for a while now about center pieces and ceremony decor. the reception and ceremony is going to be at the fall river country club (http://www.fallrivercc.com) what should i do help? any ideas is helpfull