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Fall Wedding Decor Candles Questions Answered!

  1. Where can I get wedding flowers?

    I live in Alaska and need wedding flowers without pay a lot for shipping. I've seen some websites online but they charge about a hundred for shipping to Alaska. Any ideas?

  2. Does anyone know any good sites for wedding ceremony and reception accessories??

    I have tried Exclusively weddings and Davids Bridal but some things are way too expensive for the quality! There has got to be a better place! Please help!!!

  3. Im planning a Cinderella themed wedding for October 24th. Any ideas for decorations/music?

    I was thinking something with pumpkins (since cinderella and fall) but now quite sure what; and I the father/daughter dance to Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman, but i dont know about the first dance?

  4. Any suggestions on center pieces for wedding?

    Hi i am getting married next year and need some ideas cheap ones for center pieces ect and anything else you think you could help with ?

  5. Looking for ideas for simple, inexpensive wedding centerpieces for long tables?

    Our wedding is in September, so fall themes are ok. The main color is cinnamon (more red then brown/orange). The venue is somewhat informal and has a "lodge-y" look

  6. What are some ways to save on weddings & receptions?

    Looking for cost-saving ideas that will not make the wedding look 'cheap'... Everything from food, # guests, flowers, cake, etc.

  7. Are pumpkins tacky for table decor for a fall wedding??

    Just wondering if that would be bad or if people would be like whattt??? My wedding is for next October and was thinking that I would have pumpkins on the table.

  8. Do you prefer a small wedding or a traditional one?

    My boyfriend and I want to get married. My parents are offering us either money or a wedding. I would like to have just a family dinner and get married at a judge's office. Most people say that I will regret not having a real wedding, because it would be nice to show wedding pictures to the kids. Now I do not know what to do :-).

  9. any ideas for cheap but effective wedding reception decorations?

    i'm thinking black, hot pink, purple silver (& white!) as my colours, and to be held in summer...

  10. Does anyone have creative ideas for a Victorian-Gothic Vampire wedding for Halloween?

    I am well aware of Offbeatbride.com and have checked out their Halloween group. I was wondering if anyone else had creative ideas.

  11. An Autumn Wedding need some ideas?

    I'm thinking of getting married in the fall. I put together some ideas like rustic lanterns for center pieces with candles and leaf garland around it. And I found an idea for a horse drawn hayride to leave in after the ceremony. I need help with outdoor decor ideas and favors and fall colors for flowers and some ideas for bridesmaids.

  12. Centerpiece help fall wedding?

    I am getting married in september 2010 and i was wondering if there is any web sites i could go to to look at ideas for centerpieces. its a outside wedding followed by a pig roast reception i am looking for fall looking center pieces are colors are red, blue and orange. i was thinking something with candles or leaves or something and how should i decorate tent any ideas would be great thanks.

  13. I am back to square one, i need some ideas?

    O.k. I decided to change my wedding date due to financial issues, and a change in venue. So Instead of my earthy fall wedding i am now marrying in June. I still have options because the only attire purchased is my wedding gown. With it being beginning of summer end of spring i am not sure of color combos and such. I really love rich deep colors. But that time of year usually calls for fresh lighter colors? Any suggestions?????? my dress is rich ivory and champagne I love the starry night idea. I could dress my MOH & BM in deep cobalt blue. Super white linens with deep blue overlays and sashes and gold accents in my centerpieces. My dress will stand out because of the rich colors in it. Oh i like this idea. Can anyone else ad to it!

  14. Reception Decor Ideas?

    I am planning on having a fall wedding but it may have to be during the day since most of my family will be traveling and need time to get home. The theme is pretty much just autumn with colors like wine, sage, chocolate, and a little orange for accent. My problem is that things you can do like stringing lights and lighting candles to create a "mood" seem out of place in a brunch/lunchtime reception. Any ideas? Would putting up lights like that be strange for that time of day?