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Outdoor Wedding Design Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. I'm in need for some ideas for a good outdoor (poolside, beach) wedding concept. Anyone have an idea?

    Friends of us are planning to get married next summer. They are thinking of an outdoor wedding (poolside, beach) and are in need for some ideas for a good outdoor wedding concept. Anyone have an idea?

  2. What is the cheapest way to buy real flowers for an outdoor wedding in July in Tennessee?

    I mean CHEAP. Very tight budget. We can arrange them ourselves... my sister is GREAT at arranging flowers. Any ideas appreciated. :)

  3. what are some tips on saving money for a wedding?

    We do not have much money for a wedding and need to do it cheap, any tips?? we want an outdoors wedding.

  4. I just got engaged but the wedding is in 3 years, what can I do at this time?

    My fiance will be going on a two year mission for church so we aren't having the wedding for 3 years. However I want to start looking or gathering ideas but a lot of places require appointments and I'm not planning on buying invitations or a dress soon. So should I go look around or just wait for a closer date? And if I wait, is there anything I can do now?

  5. Do you have any ideas for inexpensive decorations for a wedding reception?

    I was asked to help someone decorate for their wedding. They still don't have any solid ideas on how to decorate and say they are on a really tight budget. Any suggestions? Their main color is pink. I think their main concern is how to decorate the tables cheaply. The tables are round.

  6. In your opinion, what style of wedding dress would suit an hourglass figure?

    I'm 5ft 3" and 60kg. The wedding is an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception.

  7. I am planning an outdoor spring wedding at my parents house, and I would like some ideas for flowers.?

    We are looking at early May for the wedding and I would really like for there to be a lot of flowers in bloom around the house and the yard where we want to have the ceremony. What are some flowers that bloom in late April and early May?? Please help!!! Duh, I feel so stupid!! The wedding will be held in Kansas City, Missouri.. I hope that helps.

  8. I want to be a wedding planner but I need help! Some advice from wedding planners?

    I'm 16 years old and i want to be a wedding planner but I have no idea where to start. Please help! -Where would I start? -What schooling would I have? -What could i do for business? -What are the odds that a wedding planner would be successful in today's economy? Any advice or stories would be greatly appreciated.

  9. How to keep my computer safe?

    Hey, I'm going to DJ a wedding coming up soon and it's an outdoor wedding. I'm worried that the afternoon sun could damage my computer as they will not have a tent. Is there anything I can do keep my laptop safe from the sun? Obviously, I can't stick an umbrella next to the table! Any ideas? (Not to expensive, but I will if I have too!)

  10. Would a dress and a cardigan be to informal for a wedding?

    It's a somewhat informal wedding, and there's an outdoor reception, but I am still not sure. I haven't the slightest idea as to how to put in links for pictures here, so I'll just describe it-the dress is black and strapless, with blue flower designs. It hits a few inches above the knee, but it's not super short. The cardigan is gray, and I'd probably wear it with pumps and a nice necklace, if that's any help. That's formal/conservative enough, right? I really don't want my mother to bug me that it's not fancy enough, to be honest.

  11. What kind of wedding flowers for January?

    I will be getting married at the end of January in Pennsylvania. The bridesmaids' dresses will be a deep purple. What kind of flowers would be readily available and inexpensive? I'd like something that is a medium shade of purple.

  12. i am looking for a place i can purchase silk flowers (bulk) for a reasonable price. any ideas?

    planning an outdoor summer wedding on a tight budget and would like to spend approx 200.00 to 300.00 for flowers for decorations. wedding colors are black white & pink. everything ive been able to find on the internet you need to be a company to purchase from them. I'm thinking of possibly leafy garland and pink rose buds with some small white flowers. would like to purchase them in bunches or by weight because of the large quantity i would like to have. any suggestions?

  13. How do I keep a wedding cake cooled off for an outdoor wedding?

    Buttercream. It will be underneath a gazebo, but we are expecting the temp to be around 90 degrees.

  14. Are there any websites on 1950's farm and garden styles?

    I'm wanting to design an outside wedding with a 1950's country flair.

  15. Unity candle alternatives?

    I like the unity candle, BUT i'd rather do something more modern. I want to have candles tons and tons of them, but I dont want a unity candle.. any ideas what we can do?

  16. Any ideas for a fairytale/disney princess wedding?

    Fall 2012, money is not an issue :) throw any ideas at me please! All will be appreciated. And our colors are hot pink and light yellow