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Fall Wedding Decor Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What is the meaning behind rose pedals for the flower girl?

    i am planning a fall wedding. it is a traditional formal wedding with a touch of country/western. i have thought about letting the flower girl throw leaves instead of pedals. would that be wrong? what is the meaning behind rose pedals. also if anyone has any ideas for decor with a horseshoe theme wedding please let me know. thanks

  2. What party favor should I give out for my sister's wedding shower?

    I'm hosting my sister's wedding shower and I'm stumped on what to give out as favors to the party guests. My sister is having a fall themed wedding and she adores western decor and I want to incorporate both of those into the shower. So really, I want to know if anyone has any ideas on how to pull this off and do it as cheap as possible. Thanks in advance!!

  3. Any wedding decor ideas for the colors lavender and light blue?

    My wedding is planned for September 18th and my colors are lavender and light (almost aqua) blue. I realize I can't go too springy since it's in september but I don't want a fall theme either. I'm probably moving the ceremony indoors now so how can I incorporate my colors, love of the outdoors and fantasy into my wedding without it being tacky? Any ideas are appreciated!

  4. Any decor ideas for a fall wedding?

    I really would like a fall wedding with a fall-type theme! We got engaged in an apple orchard so I would like to incorporate apples somehow but not over-do it. The only thing is I'm not interested in an ORANGE/BROWN wedding. I love fall but not all that orange going on! I really want black bridesmaid dresses and my favorite color is green (his is blue). Anyone have any ideas? Bouquet, centerpieces, anything!? Pictures are welcome! Thanks so much in advance!

  5. How can I throw an amazing wedding at a good price?

    My fiance and I wanted to plan a wedding for sometime at the end of next year. After calculating prices, we realized that we are way out our price range. What are some things I can do to eliminate costs? What did some of you do for your wedding? How much did you end up spending? Whats an average price.

  6. what are the best wedding ideas that are affordable?

    we are getting married in september of next year and i really need some help or ideas to help me plan the wedding. i need ideas that are either original or traditional but ideas that are also affordable . we have the colors picked out already, they are white, light purple and a darker purple.i would really appreciate any help. thanks.

  7. We want to have a small wedding in Ohio?

    We live in Marion Ohio and want to have a fall wedding in 4 months. We will have less than 100 people there. We want to have it somewhere pretty and easy for our guest to get to any ideas?

  8. Any suggestions for wedding reception decor & bridemaid dresses if motif are yellow, red & orange?

    My friend is having a wedding this July here in the Philippines and having an autumn/fall theme wedding for her in a rainy month is quite awkward. She and neither we, can't afford to hire a wedding coordinator. Please help.

  9. What are some wedding colors for a wedding in November, also what type of flowers are good?

    Any other wedding details would be very helpful! please add some pics so i can know more or less what ur talking about. i am definatly NOT picky! i love all kinds of colors and the brown sounds really cute! like a dark brown! i had also thought of like a burnt orange! IDK! but if this helps the wedding is going to be in Corpus Christi, TX. So its gonna be kinda tropical.

  10. Anyone got any ideas for my camo wedding?

    My fiance and I are planning a fall wedding with a camo theme. My dress is camo, his vest, the table clothes, etc. Hes an avid fisherman and I love to hunt so were trying to incorporate that into our wedding. I want a classy wedding just camo! Any ideas are greatly appreciated!! My Dress isnt all camo! Its white with camo ribbon. And the table bothes are gonna be a light tan with a camo topper on them. It wont be over kill.

  11. Any suggestions for colour themes for an august wedding?

    My fiance and I are very picky about the colours we want at our August wedding. We were thinking possibly coral, or a medium tone of blue, or lavender. What kind of flowers and colours compliment these colours. hey Alyssa I would love pictures, especially pictures of the lavender, ivy green and champagne theme you suggested...Thanks

  12. Can you combine Rustic and Modern wedding styles?

    I am having a Fall wedding in October of next year, and I would love to get some ideas on how to create a Rustic style wedding with Modern touches. My venue will be at a Ranch, with the ceremony outside. Colors are Emerald Green, Chartreuse, and Chocolate Brown. :)

  13. How to plan an inexpensive but elegant wedding?

    My wedding is in June 2009. I've just started planning. My colors are Lavender, & Silver. I don't really have a theme. I want to have a wedding with all the perks but half the cost any suggestions?

  14. How to cut down wedding costs?

    We basically have $4000 to spend on our wedding with a guest list of just over a hundred people. The caterer, ceremony site, and reception site together costs $2700. My dress is already paid for. Where do I spend the rest??

  15. Do you have any unique ideas for a cute fall wedding?

    I am looking for cute decor options, centrepieces, flower types, colors, ANYTHING for a fall wedding...

  16. What are you doing to make your wedding fall-tastic?

    Colors, menu, drinks, favors, decor? A combination of the above? If you are having a fall wedding, what are the fall elements you are including to set your wedding apart from the rest?