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Summer Wedding Centerpieces Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some inexpensive party favors and centerpiece ideas for a wedding?

    It's a summer wedding.

  2. Inexpensive Decor and Color Ideas for a Summer Wedding?

    I need ideas for a sophisticated, yet glamourous summer evening wedding. I'm stuck on what colors to use and what type of decor and centerpieces. I'm using more than 50% of my budget on my reception, which is going to be semi-formal. So, I need to have decor that can be DIY and inexpensive, but look nice enough to fit into a more formal, semi-expensive venue ($75 a plate) The walls of the venue are a tan/champagne color and it has huge window looking onto a harbor.

  3. Any wedding centerpiece ideas or websites?

    I am having a summer citrus themed wedding and my colors are orange and yellow so how can i incorporate oranges and lemons in centerpieces w/out it looking tacky and cheap?

  4. Wedding reception food ideas?

    I am getting married in March and plan on preparing my own food for the reception. I have a few ideas, but wouldd like other recipes, and centerpiece ideas.

  5. What are some fun vintage items that we can use for wedding reception centerpieces?

    We're having a vintage-themed wedding this next summer and we're looking for cool items to use as centerpieces. So far, we're thinking of using: old books, candlestick phones, old maps, gas lanterns, bottles, pens, suitcases, maybe some boxes, telescopes... Does anyone have any really good ideas? Our colors are going to be largely black, white, and navy blue, with bright yellow as a fun accent color (especially in the summer). Brown will probably also be an incidental color if we use a lot of these items, but we're not too worried about that, haha. We also really want to use the aesthetic of movie posters or magic shows, which could be really fun, and maybe some items could fit into that. Does anyone have any good ideas?

  6. What colors should I pick for my summer 2012 wedding?

    I love the color blue for a wedding and I was thinking of doing a light blue and then have the men in a brown tux. I am not sure if I should do this or go with black tux. I was going to just do summery flowers in a bunch of different bright colors. HELP...so confused!

  7. What are the newest and most cost effective for floral centerpieces, for a summer tent wedding?

    I'm planning a wdiing for mid July, on a Sat. night in a tent. The overall effect will be formal, as the tent will be draped with creme organza, the tables will have an overlay of sheer ivory, w/ gold ribbon entwined, and the tble will be adorned w/gold charger plates, etc. I need some ideas for a very sophisticated centerpiece,(Low on the table) and need some suggestions. Is Green hydrangea, viburnum, creme and or coral peonies available in July?..And what kind of container and style? Thanks.

  8. Flower/wedding colors for a summer wedding with a champagne gown and taupe and champagne bm dresses?

    I am getting married next august and my gown is champagne satin. The bridesmaids may be wearing taupe colored dresses with champagne accents. Our reception is being held in a ballroom with a fairly dark decor, ivory walls but the carpeting looks to be a mix of tan, deep gold, navy, and maybe burgundy. What types of flowers or centerpieces colors can I use that will still make it seem like a summery wedding, but won't clash?

  9. Is it ok to mix types of flowers for my wedding?

    I want a rose bouquet, but it's going to get a little too expensive to have fresh roses in my centerpieces and my bridesmaids bouquets. And my alternative was fake (silk) flowers, but I cannot find any realistic looking red roses. Pink, yellow, white- good; red- no!!! So I was thinking maybe just have my bouquet and the petals be roses and my bridesmaids and centerpieces be another flower. Is this acceptable/fashionable?