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Homemade Wedding Centerpieces Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Anyone have any ideas on how to use a full bottle of wine as a centerpiece?

    I am considering making a batch of homemade wine for our wedding. I thought it would be nice, and inexpensive, to use them for the centerpieces. One guest at each table could also take the bottles home. Any ideas on how to make the centerpieces?

  2. Beautiful tea party wedding decoration ideas?

    I've got so many ideas and there are so many options for decorating. Have you seen anything that particularly stood out to you? The reception food at our wedding is in a marquee and the ceremony is in a large room with dark wood floors cream walls and an old fashioned fireplace. The wedding isn't super formal but not mega casual either and it's a summer wedding. It's not exactly themed but it's kind of old english garden tea party style. I'd like things that aren't too expensive or that I could maybe make myself any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  3. What Halloween wedding ideas do you have?

    For example: Caramel apples and a candy buffet as favors Decor be Gothic ala Dorian Gray, Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow, etc Homemade invites using Halloween-inspired photography (full moon peeking through the trees or something similar) Bride in a Gothic style dress (deep red corset top with black skirt) carrying deep red roses Guests encouraged to wear elegant costumes Any other ideas?

  4. What are your fall-related elements in your wedding?

    For example, having fall cake flavors (pumpkin, carrot, spice, etc) or pies/cobblers instead? Homemade caramel apples or apple butter for favors? Traditional Thanksgiving dinner as your meal? What all are you including?

  5. I need help with my Vintage Country Wedding theme?

    What I mean by that is like country living in the thirties and forties. I have old milk bottles and I'm going to fill them with sunflowers for my centerpieces. But I have no idea what to do for decorations and I'm not looking for western kinda theme with cowboy hats and all that. I'm thinking more along the lines of old lanterns and stuff like that, just not cowboy-ish. Please help you obviously can tell I need it. Thank you.

  6. When planning a wedding, what is really necessary?

    I have noticed from reading postings about weddings and the planning of weddings that there seem to be so many more things to think about that I had originally thought, I have never heard of half the things mentioned, like Bridal Showers, bridal shower favours, welcome bags, where does it stop? I don't even think I want to give out favours at my wedding, it all seems like a lot of added expense!! We are paying for the guests accommodation, for their meals and drinks, I don't think our budget is going to stretch to buying them gifts as well. Would you be disappointed in not getting a favour?

  7. Ideas for 50th wedding anniversary party centerpieces?

    We're using the colors pink, white, and gold for the party. It would be cool to have homemade centerpieces. Thanks!

  8. I am planning a party for 1st year wedding anniversary?

    my husband and i want to have a wedding anniversary but we don't plan to waist a lot of money so i am planning to do almost everything homemade and right now i am stuck on the centerpieces does anybody have any ideas that they would like to share we didn't have an actual wedding it was just court and a little family gathering nothing big thats why we want to have a party

  9. Anyone know any unique wedding ideas for a country wedding?

    Around late march in kentukcy.

  10. What are the most unique winter wedding ideas you have seen?

    I am looking for unique, elegant ideas for a winter wedding.

  11. Homemade wedding and bridal shower ideas?

    I'm usually a creative person. For baby showers I've made diaper cakes, wreaths, diaper babies, etc. but I have no clue what I could make as a wedding gift and another seperate gift for the bridal shower??? Any ideas of homemade gifts?