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Beach Wedding Centerpieces Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How can I make a homemade sandcastle as a centerpiece for tables?

    I am having a beach themed wedding reception and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what I can use to make sandcastle centerpieces for the tables.

  2. Where do i get good favors for a wedding?

    I am looking to decorate my wedding in seashell and dolphin decorations. I want all the center pieces to be decorated with a glass full of sand and seashells and then a candle in the middle. I am having trouble because i want 2 dolphins jumping out of it but i cant find anything. I was thinking of chocolate dolphins jumping out and then people can take that home as a favor but i cant find anything like that. Does anyone have any suggestions of what i could do??

  3. What are the best wedding favors you have received?

    My Fiancee and I got engaged in Disney and would love if that could somehow be involved in the favors, but if not it doesn't have to be. We will be getting married next summer and are trying to find good ideas for favors. This turned to be a task much more complicated than it previously seemed. Any help of suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

  4. What would be a good wedding favor for a Hawaii themed wedding?

    My brother in law is getting married June 6th of this year. I was asked to come up with ideas for wedding favors. Leis are going to be given out so that is not something they want to use as a favor. Can anyone help me or give me any ideas please?

  5. Could really use opinions on beach themed wedding?

    My sister is having a beached themed wedding and I am her maid of honor. I would like to really help her out there is a really tight budget being that she has a 4 month old son. I really need ideas on party favors and also centerpieces. The wedding will be on the beach and the reception under a pavilion. Any ideas on really cheap and easy centerpieces and party favor ideas? I would be VERY greatful!!!

  6. What are good ideas for a wedding at a beach location in the fall?

    I don't want a beach theme, and am trying to incorporate the fall season, since it's in November. Any ideas on decoration, favors, flowers, etc. I don't want a total beach theme, nor fall colors. I'm thinking pinks and browns, but not chocolate brown. A beach theme in November just doesn't seem to fit, so any ideas? lighting, decor, flowers, favors, other ideas?

  7. Can anybody help me with my wedding centerpieces?

    So we're having an out door wedding and I have no idea what to use for centerpieces. My colors are light and dark blue. They need to be kind of heavy just in case it decides to get a little windy. Any help would be appriciated! Thanks!!

  8. good ideas for table centerpieces at a friends wedding that can be doubled as party favors?

    So I am helping my best friend plan her wedding because I am the made of honor..She really thought that putting little green buckets or something around that sort in the middle of each table at the reception filled with fancy candy bars of everyones choice will be good and pretty because they can reach in and grab a candy bar from the centerpiece...Her mom told her that its not that pretty and kinda tacky. I gave in and told her its her wedding and if that is what SHE likes then thats all that matters...But now she wants to see if there is a happy medium. She is having a beach theamed wedding. She is not going to be on a beach. We are all in central missouri. So we wanted to know anyone's ideas. how could we make center pieces for each table at a wedding reception and make it pretty and double as things people can take home? I was thinking maybe a tree in the middle of each table that hung tiny bags of candy from each branch? one for each person at each table and the candy in the bag can be sea shell shaped chocolates in their colors? but idk who would be able to make those for us. tho. any ideas are welcome :D