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Unique Wedding Centerpieces Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some unique winter wedding centerpieces?

    I was going to do a wreath with 3 different size candles in them, but candles are just so expensive to be burnt once and then thrown away. Any other ideas? my colors are cranberry, silver, and a hint of black, by the way The reason I will probably be throwing the candles away is because in total, I would need almost 60 candles and what would I do with all that? Even after I try to give them away, I'll still have a bunch left... so I am trying to stay away from that idea.

  2. Wedding planning ideas needed for Burgundy and Gold Theme?

    Finally decided on Fall wedding and our colors will be Burgundy and Gold (touches of gold) Now we need help with ideas to complete the planning process. Small wedding. Burgundy dresses with gold sash for bridal party. Black suits for guys. The more help with planning the better. My wedding gown will be white with bits of gold. We are going to add white to colors.

  3. What are some unique ideas for a peacock themed candy bar at a wedding?

    Im getting married in August, and one of the things i wanted to have was a candy bar. If you have cute ideas, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you have unique ideas for centerpieces, let me know. Thank you!!!

  4. How are you making your wedding day unique?

    My fiance and I are trying to plan a beautiful wedding on a small budget. I know we can do it! Were both wanting a wedding that is unique and not so cookie cutter like. So were both trying to think outside the box when planning our wedding. What unique ideas are you doing at your wedding?

  5. What type of centerpieces can i do for a beach wedding?

    I want to be unique and creative. I really dont want to do the candle and sand thing. But if you guys have good ideas to do with this or others ideas, please write back. Oh and thanks to all of those people that have helped me with my questions. Thanks so much. I dont know how to give thanks to those that have wriiten to me.

  6. How can I work pine cones or acorns into my wedding bouquet/centerpieces?

    I'm probably having a summer wedding. I really love acorns and pine cones and I'd love to be able to use them in my bouquets, or in my centerpieces or favors, I'm just not sure how. Any ideas? =)

  7. What facilities would you like at a wedding?

    For example at the dinner what would you like to see or do? any ideas would be helpful? Ps by facilities i dont means services but u can mention them too if your not sure.

  8. What are some great wedding reception ideas?

    My friend is having her wedding at a ceremony and reception hall in May. They want the ceremony to be kind of tropical. What are some good and unique ideas for the reception?