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Cheap Wedding Centerpieces Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How cheap could you pull off a wedding without it looking cheap in so cal?

    I want to get married but for the cost of weddings now a days I could put a down payment on a house. Yet I don’t want to give up my dream. Any ideas on how to pull off a cheap wedding?

  2. What flowers would be inexpensive for a purple and blue wedding?

    I was thinking lilacs, but don't they tend to have the little flowers fall off often? Tulips, roses? what are good ideas that are cheap? wedding is on april twenty fifth. also, any other fun ideas for the reception? i want it to be memorable. :) we are trying to pull this off in a $5,000 budget.

  3. Wedding Centerpieces and Favor that you can make yourself?

    Hey my aunt is going to get married in may and i am supposed to help her plan the wedding. Any ideas or websites for ideas for centerpieces and favors. The cheaper the better but I really want it to look nice, my aunt doesn't have that much money for the wedding, she is paying for alot of it herself. Any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  4. Planning a cinderella wedding need reception centerpiece ideas?

    I am planning my dream cinderella wedding but i am stumped when it comes to my reception center pieces for the tables. I tried finding glass slipper candles but no one has any anywhere! I need some amazing ideas please help!!!!!!

  5. What are some cheap but cute wedding table decoration ideas?

    I am on a budget, My wedding is almost exactly one month away. I don't have any table decorations. Any ideas? I thought about buying red streamers and having candles on the table. Colors are apple red, white and silver.

  6. What are some good cheap centerpiece table ideas?

    I am getting married and I want something nice for centerpieces but I dont want to spend alot of money. Any suggestions? The wedding is in August...is that helps.

  7. Can anyone refer me to a really cheap wedding photographer in Denver ,CO?

    Hello, my fiance and I are on a limited budget and we're not quite sure where to begin on the wedding, we're worried mainly about the photographer and the decorations, any tips on that as well? Thank you and I await all of your responses with anticipation!

  8. I need some ideas for cheap table decorations for my wedding?

    Any ideas would be good as well as where I can buy the stuff or buy the things I need to make it. I like anything with silver and pale blue. I have 7 rectangular tables to decorate.

  9. does anyone know where i can buy decorative flowers to use in wedding centerpieces for very cheap?

    I'm looking for the larger feathers in pink, black and white to use for centerpieces for my wedding. the cheapest i have found are like $2.50 a piece. Any ideas where I can get cheaper ones than that? Thanks!

  10. tips for saving money on wedding expenses?

    I'm looking for some ideas on how to have a cheap, but pretty wedding. My fiance and I are getting married in August or Sept. of 2012 and I know we are not going to have a lot of money for a big wedding. We want 200 guests at the max. And nothing too fancy. So, I'm looking for info on saving money on music, food, flowers, centerpieces etc. Any ideas?

  11. What is a really, really cheap table centerpiece that would be enjoyed by all?

    My fiance and I are paying for the majority of our wedding ourselves. We have the menu, venue, etc. figured out. However we are having trouble agreeing on what type of center pieces to have. We have 5 available tables that we want to decorate. I don't want to go with candles or anything because our wedding is going to be outside. Any unique, spring-like, cheap, romantic, fairy-tale like ideas? Our wedding colors are just about every color of pink and white. Thanks for your help

  12. what is a cheap alternative to flowers for wedding centerpieces?

    I cant afford to do 25 tables of flowers, any ideas for an alternative to real flowers? or where I could buy the items? thanks