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Burlap Wedding Decor Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Wedding Decor Ideas (Springy and Nerdy) GIRLS AND GUYS?

    Me and my fiance are getting married on march 9th. we are having our ceremony in a very traditional, church (the church has so much symbology which i love and is pretty much a historical landmark! im very into history) but when we go over into the reception (which is in a reception hall.) it is also historical and alittle old fashioned looking ( for example the bar is all wood and stained and glossed like an old bar - very nice!) our linens are white but i may put a burlap runner on top and have spring green, yellow and purple flowers to bring a lot of color to the room. me and my fiance are very geeky when it comes to star wars, the supernatural tv show, the avengers. we are young too! i was thinking along with a spring themed idea we could have little things here and there that show our nerdiness (for example our table numbers instead can be avengers emblems, and our favors are action figures (or a deck of cards bcuz we love cards) and his groomscake is going to be r2d2 which i think is pretty sick. what are ways we can incorporate the things we love into our wedding? thanks!

  2. wedding reception tables decor?

    I am getting married in a few weeks October 25, 2008...YIKES!!!!...We have no real set colors, the invitations which are gorgeous are Gold with a Black border, the letters are all Black. My maid of honor (she is the only attendant) already has a Black formal dress and a Maroon formal dress, I just don't think it is necessary to have her or me buy another formal dress. OK now to my questions. What colors?? I do know I am going to use gold accents and fall flowers in different colors I am thinking a lot of Maroon mums etc...I had thought about doing overlays over the white tablecloths, but do not know what color(s) ?? I had thought about gold. I also saw an awesome picture where some one used burlap but had satin chair sashes, it actually looked very elegant. The tables are 60" rounds, so they would take 90" overlays...they are so expensive, even to rent. I was wondering what you guys thought if I just bunched some fabric up in the middle of the table with the center pieces on it (we using big hurricane globes with a candle and a wreath of flowers around the bottom), to add a splash of color to the the stark white tablecloths?? Or do any of you know where I can buy or rent reasonable priced tablecloth overlays/squares. Also the room is very plain that we are using for our reception site. So any ideas will be welcomed. I had thought about carving out pumpkins and placing a pot of mums down inside of them and setting them on rented pedestals around the room. Thanks Guys!

  3. Am I wrong for being really upset that a friend is copying my wedding ideas and her wedding is first?

    I got engaged before my friend and set date for about a year after. My friend just got engaged and decided to get married a couple weeks before me, instead of a year engagement. Which is fine, except that her style/theme is exactly like mine. She's seen all my wedding ideas on Pinterest, liked them, re-pinned them, pinned ones similar. My board is full of ideas I'm doing and hers is slowly getting full of the same things We're both country/southern girls. Both getting married in a barn (not the same one, thank god!), both wearing cowgirl boots, bridesmaids in boots too, we're both doing wood slices for table decor, both using haystacks for seating, both doing jelly favors, both having a firepit area with smores bar, both using burlap for decor... I'm not sure yet what colors she's using but I've made it obvious I'm using teal and purple Her date WAS set for about a year after their engagement (getting married after me), then once she started pinning things on Pinterest (the same ideas as me) she suddenly changed her date! To me it seems like she noticed that we are doing the same things and didn't want people to think she's copying me, so she moved the date before mine. It just really bothers me because she's planning to do the same things I've been planning, and it's going to look like I'M the one copying HER. We will be having a lot of the same people at both our weddings. Am I wrong for being upset