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Black Wedding Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. How should I wear my hair for a wedding as a junior bridesmaid?

    My aunt is having a wedding and she asked me to be a part of it at a junior bridesmaid but I don't know how I should style my hair. I have brown, long, dark hair. I need kind of a kids look. Not an adult look. But it needs to look pretty. Er, beautiful. This is my first wedding to be a part of and I need some help with how to style my hair... Please help!

  2. How do I have my hair for a wedding tomorrow?

    I'm 13, have just over shoulder length brown hair and I'm going to a wedding tomorrow but I cant decide how to have my hair, not to complicated though ;) But so i'll look good :D x

  3. How should I have my hair for my cousins wedding?

    I'm going to my cousins wedding this Saturday and I'm wearin a midi length Aztec print body on dress with black tights and black wedged ankle boots, what hairstyle should I wear with this? I have quite thick auburn hair if that changes anything

  4. Where can I find photos of updos black women?

    I am going to be a bridesmaid in a wedding and I am looking for a really nice updo. Where can I find photos and/or detailed instructions of hairstyles for black women?

  5. What hairstyle with a off the shoulder shirt?

    I have to go to a wedding reception taking place in a back yard, yeah I know long story,lol. I have black long thick hair. The shirt im wearing is a shoulder bearing white tube top inspired with black polka dots and a lace corset that ties in the front. Since Im exposing my neck should I leave it loose or pick it up. Pleae help the wedding is this Saturday!

  6. How should I wear my hair for winter formal?

    My hair is dark brown, a little longer than my shoulders, and layered. I kinda want to wear it down. Also, my dress is black and purple zebra print. Oh and I was wondering if you think i should crimp it. Or would that look dumb?

  7. What is a cute hairstyle for a round faced person?

    I have extremely dark brown hair, almost black. It's very thick. I currently have layers, but I have to go to this wedding and I need a fancy yet natural, cute and cunning haircut. Any suggestions?

  8. Can Anyone show me a website where i can pick a certain prom hairstyle?

    i'm medium-dark and have coca brown hair... however i was planning to dye my hair jet black for prom and was thinking on something like kimmora lee simmons do. (long, black, wavy) but i can seem to find anything..... pictures or even a step by step way can help. Muchisimo Gracias... ciao

  9. How can I wear my hair for a wedding?

    I have medium length hair and wearing a black halter dress that goes to my knees. Pictures would be helpful :) thanks

  10. I am having a halloween wedding and I have a hat I am wearing with a veil. What hairstyle would look good?

    I am going as a flapper but am wearing a 1930's hat with a black veil. I would like to wear my hair at least partially down. Any ideas? Pictures?