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Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. What is the best hair style for my wedding?

    I have long, slightly wavy red hair, I'm looking for a good style to wear it in on my wedding day. I want to wear it down, I don't want it curly as it looks to fake but I still want it to look really glamorous. Any ideas?

  2. What are some cute, retro hairstyles that I can wear to my Winter Formal?

    My dress is retro and absolutely adorable, and I have a cute headband that I got from Claire's that is pretty thin with rhinestones on it. I want something with volume and definitely curls, and I don't want an updo. Any pictures of hairstyles would be great. Thanks!

  3. What is a classic hair style for an older woman on her wedding day?

    Im doing my dads girlfriends hair on her wedding day, she wants a classic and simple in a down style, with maybe a few bits pulled back off her face, shes 50 (but doesnt look it) and she has shoulder length golden blonde hair quite thick with a fringe i want it to look different from her normal straight style but she doesn't want to look like mutton dressed as lamb (her words not mine) if anyone has any ideas or pictures it would be much appreciated!!! thanks xxxx

  4. Is there a website that has nice hair styles for a wedding?

    I'm coming out in one of my friend's weddings next month and I need to pick a hairstyle. Do you guys know of any websites that have both updos or just regular styles with your hair down?

  5. How to be a makeup artist at a young age?

    Okay soo my mother is a makeup artist and instructor who works with like the BIGGEST celebrities. We do get hookups and celeb events like red carpet etc., but it's all my mommmmmm. I did mention she is also an instructor, and she even teaches international students for over 20k. I'm a young makeup artist who has a lot of experience and isn't even old enough to work at a Mac or Sephora counter. I'm too scared to make a Youtube account because I don't want to be cyber-bullied..(don't say I won't, It's too risky for me tbh) Is there anywhere to find work for a young makeup artist? Money is at its tightest right now and I really want start making money on my own. Anywhere to find a good job for a young makeup artist? Any advice on trying to get one? etc.? PLEASE don't be mean. I just need a little help/advice. I don't want to rely on my mom the rest of my life..she's given me advice, but her career didn't really take off until she was 18. PS: I have every piece of makeup you can think of. Every foundation shade, eyeshadow color, lips, cheeks, lashes, etc! Plus experience! I'm not like a little girl at home running through my mother's makeup in the bathroom. I am actually experienced, and is looking for work to help take care of myself.

  6. prom hairstyles? What are some good tips or even galleries that I can look at for ideas?

    I have longish blonde hair but It never stays curled. I have tried everything! so what would be a cute hairstyle for me? If you know of any picture galleries for me to look at let me know! thanks

  7. What are some pretty and unique hairstyles for wedding/ quinceanera?

    Please help? I'm having a quinceanera. Whenever I google quince hairstyles, nothing good comes up. Please help?!?!

  8. Anyone have some good wedding hairdo ideas?

    I'm getting married in a month, and have no idea how to have my hair styled. My hair is shoulder length and really thick and wavy. If anyone has any ideas or knows any good web sites with pics, please let me know. Thanx!

  9. I need a unique half up half down hairstyle for my wedding??

    I am desparately trying to find something different to do to my hair for my wedding, i have a small hair comb and a floor length one layer veil. My hair is long, definately past my shoulders....if you can give any help it would be greatly appreciated!

  10. Does anyone know of any websites for hairstyles?

    I'm looking for a hairstyle for my sister's wedding. Can anyone give me a few websites to look at? I'm looking for a short, elegant, but easy hairstyle.

  11. Any ideas for quick and easy updos for a bob haircut?

    I've just recently had my hair cut into an angled bob, which I like. However, my hair is naturally curly, thick and frizzy. So when my hair is straightened the cut looks great. When it's raining I look like a mess. I'm the maid of honor for my friend's wedding in 3 weeks and she's having an outdoor wedding. I'm afraid if it rains I will ruin the pictures!! Does anyone know of any easy updos I could do with hair that length? (jaw line)

  12. What is a good prom updo for someone with straight shoulder length brown hair?

    Ive looked at a few websites but i havent really found much. I want the style to be all the way up with none falling below my neck because my dress has a design on the back that i do not want covered up. Also, my hair does not stay curly very easily, so a style that has the curls slightly pinned up would be helpful. Oh! and i also have side bangs in the front and layers. Thanks!

  13. Would this hairstyle be nice for a wedding?

    http://www.totalhair.net/hair-styles/gallery-photos/Celebrity-Hairstyles-Women/Vanessa-Hudgens/1/1554/hairstyles.html And how can I achieve this hairstyle? I have a hard adding subtle curls to my hair cuz it's so thick and I have a lot of it. FYI I'm not a bridesmaid or anything haha, thanks everyone!

  14. Is there an up-do hairstyle that will leave your hair curly and decent looking for a reception?

    My Wedding is in August, outdoors, and I would like an elegant up-do for the ceremony and a fun, relaxed look for the reception. I won't have time to have my hair redone after the ceremony and I want my hair SOFT & curly or wavy at the reception. I have thin, straight, shoulder-length hair that doesn't hold curls well. Any suggestions???

  15. How long do bangs have to be to be cut into sideswept bangs?

    I have boring straight down bangs that take forever to grow. I want them to be side swept bangs to cover my big forehead but i wanna know how long i should wait for them to grow in till i go and get them cut. Right now, they are reaching my eyelashes making it annoying to wear them down and when i push them to the side it looks dumb.

  16. I need help finding a photo to describe the hairstyle I want for my wedding to the stylist?

    I want my hair mostly down with big loose curls, I have long hair. I want a little bit of the hair at the top pinned up and just the rest of it down. I have tried finding pictures but nothing I have found is quite right. Help!!!