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Wedding Hairstyles Updos Questions Answered!

  1. what are some hairstyle ideas for a wedding?

    i'm the bridesmaid and I was wondering what I should do with my hair I can't have it all the way down. my hair is pretty long. I don't really like those prom hairstyle updos. any help?

  2. How do you find the best position for an updo hairstyle on your head that goes good with your face shape?

    I need to have an updo hairstyle for a wedding. I have an oblong face. What is the best position for an updo for my face shape type? I need to have an updo hairstyle for my wedding. I have an oblong face. What is the best position on the back of the head for an updo for my face shape type? I heard there is a way you can measure this by using the angles your facial features create, but I don't know how to measure this. I heard there is a way you can measure this by using the angles your facial features create, but I don't know how to do that. ok sorry to all those reading this and seeing my repeated details....this is my first time using this thing!!!

  3. How would you fix this hairstyle?

    Hi! I would like instructions for the following formal hairstyle. All help will be greatly appreciated, but i would like full in-depth answers if possible! I am going to wear my hair like this for a beauty pageant on January 24th. And my mom will be fixing my hair so please give detailed instructions if possible! If your answer is 'just go to a hairdresser' or anything similar please don't waste your time posting it! I don't mean to be rude but i really need good answers! Thanks! http://images.search.yahoo.com/images/view?back=http%3A%2F%2Fimages.search.yahoo.com%2Fsearch%2Fimages%3F%26p%3Dwedding%2Bhairstyle%2Bupdos%26rs%3D0%26fr%3Dyfp-t-501-s%26fr2%3Dsg-gac&w=623&h=770&imgurl=www.updoprincess.com%2Fformal_wedding_updos_hairstyle.jpg&rurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.updoprincess.com%2FShort_hair_updos.html&size=614.9kB&name=formal_wedding_updos_hairstyle.jpg&p=wedding+hairstyle+updos&type=JPG&oid=6299a6125cff88e6&no=2&tt=219&sigr=11h0mm5fk&sigi=11nnjh5v4&sigb=136v82h5a Please click view image because you get a really good view of this hairstyle that way! Thanks! I have long hair! (butt length) all answers are appreciated! THanks!

  4. What websites or magazines can I refer to for sophisticated wedding hairstyles for Black women?

    I am particularly interested in updos. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  5. Do you know of any websites for bridesmaid hairstyles?

    I'm going to be a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding and I need an updo hairstyle for the wedding. Do you know any websites with hairstyle options?

  6. What should I do with my hair for a wedding next month?

    I will be the guest book attendant at my brothers 6:30 pm wedding, and I need ideas for a hair style. My hair is very long, thick, and is naturally wavy. My hair is light brown and I have a round face shape. Also if you know of any hair accessory ideas let me know.

  7. How to do my hair for wedding?

    My brother is getting married in a couple of months and I am a bridesmaid in the wedding. My hair is short around my chin with some layers and I have looked through pictures trying to get an idea of how I should fix my hair. I want something pretty, like I normally wouldn't wear it. The problem is that everything I have seen so far is for long hair and there is nothing origianl with the short hair. If you have any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.

  8. What should I do with my hair for the wedding?

    I'm going to be in a wedding and i need to do my own hair. I'm pretty good at doing my hair, but the thing is i have no idea how i should do it. Can anyone find me any pictures of hair styles for shoulder length hair?

  9. does anyone know any websites with good pictures of updos for bridesmaids?

    I am in a wedding next weekend and would like to come prepared to the salon with a picture of what i want done. Google isnt helping much. Thanks!

  10. How should I wear my hair with this dress?

    I'm going to be in my friend's wedding and I was wondering how I should wear my hair with this dress http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_Sleeveless-Stretch-Satin-Cowl-Neck-Dress-84741_Bridal-Party-Bridesmaids-All-Bridesmaid-Dresses I have long dark brown wavy/curly hair, but I can easily straighten it. I'm looking for any type of hairstyle (updo, down, half up, etc) I'm just not sure what would look good with the dress. Thanks!

  11. How should I style my hair for my sister's wedding?

    I have somewhat thin/straight hair and will be wearing a halter style dress. I don't want anything too formal or tight. Whenever I see pics of updos or half updos, they are always women with full wavy hair. What kind of style would work for my hair?