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Short Wedding Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. What is a good wedding hairstyle for short hair?

    I'm getting married Jan. 19th :) I have a bob hair cut & my hair color is light brown. The wedding colors are purple & silver. I have a purple flower with feathers I want to wear in my hair. I'm having trouble finding short wedding hairstyles for some reason. Any ideas on hairstyles? Thanks :)

  2. What are some cute prom hairstyles for medium length hair?

    My hair is bright red, layered, wavy, and barely past my shoulders. I really hate curling it, but it's too short to really make a cute updo. I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for prom hairstyles (or wedding hairstyles, I'm going to be a bridesmaid in a month) thanks!

  3. Does anyone know a website for short wedding hairstyles?

    I am getting married in a week and a half. Being the procrastinator that I am, I have failed to look for a hairstyle. I have short blonde hair, about two inches above my shoulders. It is layered, with the shortest layer at my chin. I will be wearing a tiara and veil. I was planning on wearing it down as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  4. What hairstyle best compliments a short wedding veil?

    The wedding veil I want to wear is a very short netted veil that only covers my face. Hairstyles that I usually prefer are down, with bangs, and lots of volume. I would prefer a "bouffant" type style for my wedding as it is dramatic, but I'm not sure if it will compliment my veil. Suggestions?

  5. What kinda dress look good with short hairstyles?

    Im having a little courthouse wedding. And im debating btw a cute elegant short dress or long it don't matter... but the hairstyle im thinking about getting is a short wrap with a side swept bang. And this will be my first time ever gettin my hair cut so idnt know what look good and what dont...

  6. What are some good wedding/prom hairstyles for short hair?

    I have blonde shoulder length hair and I need some inspiration for some pretty hairstyles that I can do for prom. Pictures/Links would be great! Thanks :)

  7. What is a good hairstyle for someone with long thick curly hair?

    it is for my sister's wedding of which I am in. i want something that is comfortable that will last all night long. It is at the end of this month(June) so something that is an up and off my neck is best but anything will work. I am most likely gonna get my hair cut this week either into layers or just a trim.

  8. How to style my hair for a wedding?

    There's a wedding coming up and I want to style my hair I dont want no simple suggestions like straightning, curling because Im always doing that so I want something different,Thankyou all in advance best answer will be rate 5stars,Good Luck:)

  9. What are some cute hairstyles for short hair?

    I don't mean cuts. With long hair you can braid it, put it in a bun, braided pig tails, french braid, pretty much anything. Is there anything other than boring old headbands and just leaving it down for girls with short hair!? The only answer I can find for this are suggestions for different hairCUTS, which I don't want to do at all.

  10. How to do my friends three inch hair for her wedding?

    She only has short, short, black hair and we don't know what to do. Any ideas?

  11. How should I do my hair as a bridesmaid in a wedding?

    I'm 13, my hair is blondish brown and I need a way to do my hair for my sisters wedding.

  12. What type of hair/clothes did Jerusalem Jews have during the Crusades?

    Long or short? What type of hairstyle? Facial hair? Did it vary by age or status? I just wanna get a better image of what they looked like.

  13. What is a the best hairstyle On my wedding day?

    I have a big nose and big forehead and big head. Am very short and I have long hair . Any ideas fOr my face ?

  14. How can I wear my hair on my wedding day?

    Ok, I'm getting married on the 30th and can't decide how to wear my hair. Short description of myself: African american (medium skin tone) round face and medium length black hair. If someone could direct me to some websites or has any pictures that they could share then that would be great. Thanks.

  15. What is the best short/medium/long hairstyles for an oval face with really curly hair?

    RIght now--my hair is pretty long (I grew it out for my wedding). Now that the wedding is over I'm ready to chop some of it off. I have an oval face and really curly hair. What kinds of hairstyles will be best for my face and hair? Thanks!

  16. What kind of headpiece works for a short hairstyle?

    It's a second wedding and I am wearing an ivory suit.It will be very informal.I don't care for hats and this will be in spring or early fall.