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Pictures Of Wedding Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. Wedding hairstyles that are not overdone?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone could provide links to pictures of wedding hairstyles that are not so common? I get tired of the same old bun or half up, half down stuff. I do want most of my hair down and curly, but if there's any way I can do something different and unique, that would be great! I do NOT however, want any hairstyles that are extremely wacky or weird looking. Any help would really be appreciated. Thank you so much!

  2. What site can I go to that has a large gallery of wedding hair and makeup pictures?

    I've been to the more popular sites and I've found some things I like but I'm looking for more options. Usually when I google "wedding hairstyles" or "wedding makeup" I can cheesy websites with styles that look dated or for older women. Help is appreciated!

  3. Half up wedding hairstyles with both a tiara and a viel?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to have my wedding hairstyle (I'm a bride) hald up, half down, with curls on the bottom and a curled-looking bun on top, deep side part, and a tiara and viel. (Not tiara / viel comb--just one of each.) Both the tiara and viel have combs. Thanks for any pictures.

  4. Does anyone know of a good website with pictures of wedding day hairstyles?

    I am getting married in October and need pictures to show my stylist. I know I want a half up look, maybe with french braids or twists. THANKS

  5. Does anyone know any good wedding hairstyles?

    I am looking for a hairstyle with curls. I dont want an updo, something with loose curls, any good tips?

  6. What is the name or does anyone have pictures of the hair style Jessica Alba ROCKED in Fantastic 4?

    Raise of the silver surfer. The wedding hairstyle. Please, it's for my wedding in December! Thanks

  7. What are some ideas for a wedding hairstyle for someone with long very straight hair?

    I am in a wedding in about a month and need some ideas for hairstyles. I like very simple styles, yet still classy and pretty. I was thinking of pulling it back low, but am unsure what to do from there. My hair is VERY difficult to curl and doesn't hold curl well at all. Anyone have any pictures of ideas???

  8. I would like to have pictures of Asian wedding hairstyles for my wedding.?

    My wedding is coming up very quickly and I need to pick a couple of hair styles, but out of the ones I know I haven't found one that I liked. I would like pictures of only Asian hair styles or hair styles with an Asian theme please. I am a female with long hair about halfway down my back. I would like pictures that I can get a front, back and side view as well and any that might have chopsticks as well please.

  9. Would you get bangs just for your wedding hairstyle?

    I am trying to pick how to wear my hair and most of the ones I like have bangs, while I do not. I had them for years but just got sick of keeping them up. It seems really foolish to get them cut just for a hairstyle but I don't know maybe it is normal.

  10. How should I do my hair for my sisters wedding?

    I have long straight like brown hair, any ideas?! Pictures would help! The wedding is this Saturday and is supposed to be somewhat hot.

  11. Can you please help me find a wedding hairstyle?

    Hi everybody I am getting married in 4 weeks and have yet to find a wedding hair style. I wanted to put a weave in my hair and do something elegant yet simple. Please send me pictures or links that you think will help. My dress is strapless. I am wearing a tiara and a veil. Thanks in advance!

  12. Where can I find pictures of Traditional Asian Hairstyles?

    Maybe this will seem odd to some, but I bought a black Qipao for prom this year. All I am missing is hair style ideas. Please help! Pictures and links would be greatly appreciated. =] Thank you in advance!

  13. How should I do my hair for a Spring wedding?

    I'd love to see some pictures and ideas. I am thinking an updo, but soft and flowing... I have long fine blonde hair, it is layered, but won't do anything crazy. I also will be wearing a low v-neck jacket with stand-up lapels. Any advice or pictures would be great! Thank you!

  14. What type of prom hairstyle would look good with a red strapless ball gown type dress?

    My dress is satin and its just simple, with no decoration. I have dark auburn, little longer than shoulder length hair. My prom is in two weeks and I need a hairstyle fast! :)

  15. What are good prom hairstyles for medium length hair?

    Hello! I'm going to be doing my sister's hair for prom, and I don't have any ideas for cute styles for her hair. Her hair is about shoulder length and she doesn't have any layers or bangs or anything. It's just straight cut. Does anyone have any tips for something cute I can do with it? Pictures would be great!

  16. What type of hairstyle is good for this type of event?

    I am going to a graduation dance & i am going to get my hair done. I don't at all what i want them to do with it. My hair is medium length dark brown hair that goes about an inch and a half past my shoulders. So what I am asking is what are some good styles. I totally want an up-do. So if you could find a picture of what you think would look good, then please post it. Thanks!

  17. What are some cute hairstyles for a wedding?

    I have brown hair to a little passed my shoulders. It's layered and highlighted blonde. I'm going to a wedding and i don't have a slightest ide to do with my hair. It's outdoors so it might be a bit warm. Help? O and my hair doesn't ever hold curls. It kinda has to be an at home easy to do thing but i don't want something like a bun or ponytail. I kinda want something different.