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Carolina Herrera Wedding Gowns Questions Answered!

  1. Does anyone know how much a Vera Wang and a Carolina Herrera wedding gown cost?

    I have looked at their websites, but they do not show the prices of the wedding gowns. I would like to know an aproximate price range from these designers. Thanks! By the way, I'm not getting married, I have no expensive taste, I am not tacky!! This is for a research on weddings... but thanks anyway for all your additional comments.

  2. Does anyone know who designed that dress Bella wore in her nightmare in Breaking Dawn?

    It was a part of the scene where everyone wore white and she envisioned her guests being attached by vampires. It had a lot of flowers on the top of it and was strapless!

  3. Ladies, do you have a favorite clothing designer, past or present, that we'd have seen in magazines?

    I've always liked Carolina Herrera especially her wedding dresses maybe because I didn't marry in a gown (a small regret). There have been many others I've admired through the years. How about you? http://nymag.com/fashion/designers/

  4. Looking for designer bridal gown rental store near NYC?

    where can i find a bridal gown rental shop near NYC that carries Carolina Herrera, Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang?

  5. Help me find a wedding dress?

    I have small boobs and a skinny waist as well (thought my butt is huge compared to everything else.) I like sweetheart necklines Also edit with any dresses that you like for yourself I'm not getting married, actually, to the smartass second answer. I just LOVE wedding dresses. hahaa. I wont be getting married until I'm financially stable, thanksmuch.

  6. Where can i buy a really nice wedding dress?Where did you buy yours?

    I'm looking for a wedding dress at any price, something very beautiful and romantic. Where do you suggest besides Vera Wang right now Vera Wang is my only choice...i want something more dramatic

  7. Multi color wedding dress with flower design?

    Does anyone know a designer or other source that does wedding dresses that are decorated with a colored floral pattern, or have color instead of just plain ivory or white? Thanks to all in advance

  8. List of designer wedding dresses Carrie Bradshaw tries on in SATC the movie?

    During the Vogue photo shoot when Carrie tries on all those different wedding gowns, what designer's name does she say right before Dior? I know the order goes in the sequence below, but I can't figure out what she says and I've watched the movie too many times to count. Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, Christian Lacroix, ______, Dior, Oscar De La Renta, and Vivienne Westwood. It sounds like "live-ren" but it's really muffled and it's driving me crazy! :) Thanks!

  9. I need help finding a bridal gown...?

    This is my 1st wedding - I am an AKA and I am looking for a beautiful wedding gown with salmon pink accents.... or apple green...

  10. Need Help Finding My Dream Dress!!?

    I am in love with this wedding dress that i found several years ago. It is a Carolina Herrera from the Fall 2006 Bridal Collection. It is a strapless ball gown with black embroidery on it. I have done alot of research with no luck. I would love help finding the dress not only a frontal picture but also somewhere that it can be bought or tried on. It was also on the cover of Martha Stewart Weddings in 2007. I hope you can help me complete my dream.

  11. Famous wedding dress/ bridal companies? Easy 10 points!!!?

    hey everyone, really stupid question but what are some famous wedding dress companies? Its for a polyvore competition :P Thank you!

  12. where can i find a wedding dress that looks similar to this?

    where can i find a dress similar to this dress.. its the Carolina Herrera empire dress its $10,990!!! does anyone know of a dress that is similar but more in the range of $400-$1,000? here is a link: http://www.latimes.com/features/magazine/la-tm-giftguide4may04-pg,0,6196398.photogallery?index=5 i absolutely hate david's bridal.. i should have explained that we are planning on getting married in less than 2 months so.. i don't think there is enough time to have it custom made. my first choice was really intricate and would take too long to have custom made... thats why i was thinking a simpler dress like this would be easier to find.. : / p.s. I'm extremely picky :}

  13. What's the average size of...?

    What's the average size of a floor sample wedding gown?

  14. wedding dress?

    I'm 24 and about to get married. for my dress, i want something red. Not dark red, but bright, eye-catching red. i will spend any amount of money on it, all I care is it doesn't have too much frills, ruffles, et cetera. i don't want a super long train, a ball gown, or anything like that. i would love something low cut, or slit up the leg or something but not slutty. bottom line: modern and elegant