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Vintage Wedding Gowns Questions Answered!

  1. Should I cleaned or altered a vintage wedding dress first?

    I have a beautiful vintage wedding gown for my upcoming wedding. Although the dress is in good condition it will need to be cleaned and altered. Which should I do first? I worry about fingerprints and the like if I clean it before alterations. I worry about dirty hems being sewn into the gown if it do the alterations first. Have any of you dealt with this. Do the tailor's ware gloves and I dont need to worry?

  2. Vintage Murray Hamburger Wedding Gown?

    I have a vintage wedding gown with label stating "an original by Joel of Murray Hamburger". Looking for any information on it. Was planning on using for product shots, etc, but would involve disassembling, and don't want to do that to a vintage gown of any importance. Thanks in advance!

  3. What is a good site to find vintage wedding dresses?

    I plan on having my dress made but I want to look at pictures of vintage gowns to get some ideas. I'm looking for ideas from the 1950's mainly. They don't need to be wedding gowns but just some ideas on how fancy gowns were cut back then. Thanks for your help.

  4. What is the best shoes to wear on your wedding day?

    i am wearing a ivory wedding gown, it has a champagne sash, lots of beadwork and all lace. its strapless and has moderate pick-ups. please suggest a few shoes that you think would go with my dress AND must be very comfortable to wear for standign up long hours for photos and dancing etc. thanks!!

  5. What do you Remember about your Hollywood's Favorite Stars?

    Unique Wedding Gowns of the 1950's Vintage Lace style trim. The Very Fashionable past is now the future, of the young couples dream Wedding. Beautiful Classic 50's style Vintage inspired Wedding Gowns...

  6. Where can I buy silk velvet for a dress?

    I am going to make my friend a wedding gown from a vintage 1930's pattern, and I would like to find some ivory colored silk velvet, but I am not able to find it at any fabric stores. Does anyone know of a website where I could find SILK velvet?

  7. Where can I find autumn/winter wedding dresses?

    Where can I find autumn/winter wedding dresses? More specifically, where can I find wedding gowns that cover my back and arms? I have sleeves and a back piece (types of tattoos) and would like to cover them (for the sake of not having both families freak out). Are there any designers or patterns out there that are still stylish (vintage would be fantastic) but don't look like I pulled them from the back of my mother's closet?

  8. How do I get stains off a vintage satin wedding gown?

    There are some smudges on the bottom of the skirt. They have probably been there for about 60 years.

  9. What shoes should I wear with my wedding dress?

    Here is a link to the picture of my wedding dress for this summer. It is an outdoor vintage/romantic themed wedding and I don't know what shoes to wear! I can't wear a small heal because they will sink into the grass. Any suggestions or links to websites with cute shoes for weddings? If the link below doesn't work, just google image "Aire Barcelona - Belga" http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.diamondbridalgallery.com/blog/wp-content/gallery/aire-barselona/112_belga_a.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.diamondbridalgallery.com/blog/bridal-gowns-bridesmaid/aire-barselona-2010-collection/&usg=__MYsQZgv_ROJnTqzajWSEGQmUIMg=&h=965&w=768&sz=357&hl=en&start=24&zoom=1&tbnid=kPZCusihS7dQWM:&tbnh=147&tbnw=110&ei=pGqiTcuNMoPJgQftzpXaBQ&prev=/search%3Fq%3Daire%2Bbarcelona%2Bbelga%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1366%26bih%3D639%26tbm%3Disch0%2C510&um=1&itbs=1&iact=rc&dur=302&oei=e2qiTZ7tBMuftgfI3qiSAw&page=2&ndsp=23&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:24&tx=42&ty=63&biw=1366&bih=639

  10. Can I have a 60 year old wedding dress taken out?

    It was my grandmothers dress and my mother wore it for her wedding and I am planning on wearing it for mine. The only thing is my grandma and mother were stick thin when they got married (I am talking 95 lbs!) I got my dads genes and have a much fuller figure. Is it possible to get it taken out? Is it to delicate?

  11. What colors of blues and reds are good for a wedding?

    My friend whats blue and red for her weeding theme but dose not know what kind of blue and red will look good together. Websites, links and a list of colors will help her out a lot. She also need help finding cup sleeved wedding and bridesmaids dresses ,websites and links will help with is one also. What color bridesmaids dresses will be best blue or red and in what shade? Thank you to all who help out with this one. The wedding will be in the summer.

  12. What should I make out of my grandmother's wedding dress?

    I'm getting married in the spring. My aunt recently emailed me to let me know that when she got married, she wore her mother's (my grandmother, who is since deceased) wedding dress. She wanted to have her daughter wear it when she got married, but she was too tall. So they had part of the dress made into a purse for her to carry at her wedding. My aunt sews, and offered to make me something to carry as well out of the dress. I was thinking maybe a handkerchief. Any suggestions on what to make?

  13. Where to find the right wedding dress with a low draped back?

    I've been looking everywhere and on a million different websites trying to find a wedding dress that has not only and open back with a "v" or deep cut, but is draped and hanging, but I can't seem to find one for a reasonable price. The only ones I've seen are over $1,000. Where else can I look??

  14. Where can I get a polka dot wedding dress?

    Like most brides I want my wedding dress to be different. I have always wanted a polka dot wedding dress, does anyone know where I can find one?