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Discount Wedding Gowns Questions Answered!

  1. Where can I buy a discount wedding gown in western Pennsylvania?

    I'm from western PA and I'm a size 2, 5' 6" looking for a strapless wedding gown or a gown with small straps that's inexpensive. Even a store that sells second hand gowns would be great. I can't find anything in my size that I can afford.

  2. How can these discount sites not be scams?

    I am looking online for deals on wedding gowns and there are sites were you can get $1,000 + gowns for $200-300. How do I know these aren't scams? Does anyone know of a site where you got a great deal on a gown? Any sites you know are BS?

  3. Should i sue for tort of negligence OR breach of contract?

    ok this is what happened. I own a rental wedding dress and there is this customer who rented 3 wedding gowns. I entered into a contract with a laundry cleaner to have it ironed out and all. but this laundry cleaner lost my wedding gowns due to theft because he left his delivery van unlocked. is this a matter of seeking remedy for damages based on breach of contract OR negligence? 1) So it is NOT possible to sue for breach of contract? so in tort i have to establish the duty of care, breach of standard of care etc? 2) what about my contract loss with the customer? is that under the remedies under tort of negligence! thanks a lot for the help! im in dilemma, huge dispute with this wealthy customer !

  4. Does anyone know where to buy a cheap wedding gown in California?

    I live in San Francisco, and was wondering if anyone knows where there is an outlet that carries dresses that are discounted? Yes, I have looked at the Jessica McClintock warehouse in SF, and been to David's Bridal. Anone have any suggestions?

  5. is it legal to do this if i start my own business?

    Im thinking about starting my own business selling ball gowns and wedding gowns. Is it legal or illegal to do this by buying cheap ones and selling them or renting them for more that I payed for them? IF so what are other ways to start my own ball and wedding gown shop? Thankyou

  6. What type of veil should I wear with this dress?

    This is my wedding dress http://www.princessbridalgowns.com/Discount_Sophia_Tolli_wedding_gown_y1904_genevieve_Stock.html I’d like to wear a veil with my wedding dress but I’m not even sure a veil would go with this floaty chiffon style, what do you think? And if so what kind of style would you recommend? Long/short, patterned/plain?! Any advice and/or pictures would be really helpful! Thanks!

  7. What are some ways to save money on a wedding?

    I am starting to plan my wedding and am wondering what are some good ways to save money? If you have any ideas that would help me please share! Or if you know of websites and such that might have some hints. Thanks!

  8. Where can I get a really nice evening gown that is covered?

    I am going to a muslim wedding and need to have a dress that is to the floor, the main problem I am having is that everything is too revealing, I need to have sleeves. I am thinking something beady.

  9. Where can i choose my wedding dresses beautiful and also discount ?

    After three months, I'm going to get married. I'm so excited and happiness. But I have not decided what kind of wedding dresses to choose for my lovely day. Anybody else can give me some advice? Thanks.

  10. what are the best ways to cut costs on wedding planning?

    Just recently got engaged and have started to look around at the prices of things for the wedding. Are there any cost cutting tricks to wedding planning?

  11. which store or chain has the best wedding evening gowns at a reasonable price?

    I need to buy something since it's a black tie wedding. Any style suggestions would also be very welcome. Thanks

  12. what video effect can i use to correct video where iris was open to wide and bride gown way to white?

    I am editing a wedding video I have tried all different effects to try to correct videographers error, iris way to to open all white is blown out. what effect can I use to correct this