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Wedding Gowns 2013 Questions Answered!

  1. What type of wedding gown is in style?

    My wedding is in summer 2013, but I have no idea what kind of wedding gown is in style now. Thank you!

  2. Is it normal to get really really nervous before even picking out my wedding gown?

    My fiance's name is Ian, and we plan to get married November of 2013. Anytime I start to plan anything that involves our wedding, I automatically get emotional and nervous. In fact, I am about to look for a wedding gown today, and I am really nervous, and want to cry thinking about the whole thing. It's not bad emotions, but it's scary lol. help?

  3. Which one of these wedding gowns do you like best?

    Please choose ONLY from these 12 dresses (only one link). Go to the right and hit the arrow to see them all. I LOVE #2. I like that none of them are strapless, and some even have sleeves. Remember, choose only out of these twelve dresses. http://www.pronovias.us/wedding-gowns/new-collection-elie-by-elie-saab-2013/ Thanks I think there's something very delicate, and flirty, about all of these dresses. They're not heavy, and overdone.

  4. Is is acceptable to wear 'proper' wedding gown?

    My fiancé and I are getting married in 2013. We have both been married before & have 3 teenage daughters. I would love to have a traditional long wedding gown with veil etc - would this be acceptable?

  5. When is the time to look for your wedding gown?

    I am getting married 1-19-2013, and I was wondering what was the best time I should go looking for a gown? I heard it can take up to a few months to get it in after alterations, so any ideas?

  6. How long will it take and how cheap will it be to get a simple wedding gown altered?

    I am on a VERY tight budget for a wedding gown as it is... the best I can do is get something off the rack at David's Bridal under $99. My wedding day is September 7,2013. Please only honest and mature answers!!! The problem I have is I really like the lacy look... will it be possible to get one cheap and have it altered in time if I don't get any beading on it? What I meant to say was the vintage lacy look... with cap sleeves

  7. Is it possible to make money out of designing wedding dresses?

    I love to design wedding dresses. I have many different designs that i have already done and have many more ideas. At the moment I do this as a hobby but i would like to turn it into more. PS...I cannot sew so i cannot make the dresses that i design and i think that this is a real shame

  8. What can someone tell me about Vera Wang?

    My niece needs help in learning about this woman and my computer is not what it used to be. Could someone please tell us about her so to make it easier on my computer and on my niece. Please and thank you. Also you will get ten points if you give good answer.

  9. Teens: What would you like your wedding to be like?

    I'm just really curious as to what other people are envisioning out there...Plus, you know, it's fun to dream about this stuff while you're young. Me, I want to get married at this old mansion near where I live. It's kind of a cultural museum now and really, really cool. They have this amazing ballroom where I would like to hold the ceremony and reception and downstairs there's a large dining room where I would hold the cocktail hour and dinner. I would like to hold the wedding on New Years Eve too; obviously we would watch the ball drop and stuff, which might be neat. The ballroom would be decorated with lots of candles, a string quartet would play while I walk down the aisle and both of my parents would escort me. My dress would be glamorous, sophisticated and hopefully very retro, kind of like vintage Hollywood. I'm thinking it will be a mermaid-style, but a tea length dress sounds nice as well; whatever it is, there will be lace and I want to wear a headband, not a veil. My bouquet would be completely made of red roses and the color of the actual dress will be white or ivory. I'd like for the bridesmaids to be in red and, if my fiancé likes, the groomsmen would have matching ties, if only to give the wedding party a cohesive look. Each bridesmaid would also be carrying a single red rose and the flower girl would scatter red rose petals. The food would obviously be decided later, but I'm thinking I'd like to have my aunt and uncle (they own a food truck) cater regardless of what is served. There will be not just a cake but a whole dessert BAR, a beloved tradition on my mom's side, haha. A DJ would play at the reception so that people can request songs; I've been to a few weddings and its hard to really dance at all to live bands, however cool they are. Wow...I didn't even know that I had that much planned, haha. Uhm...Alright, what about you guys?

  10. When is too early to renew wedding vows?

    My husband and I got married in March 2010 when I was 6 months pregnant.It was a very small intimate wedding with family only and then just had them back to our house. We are wanting to renew our vows in March 2013 or sooner and have a real wedding and reception. We are not sure if that is too soon or if we should have the wedding we wanted before I got pregnant. What is etiquette on this matter?

  11. Ordering a wedding dress offline?

    Im not getting married anytime soon (dec. 2013) but I want to start planning because were of a really tight budget and the sooner we start planning more time we have to play it off. But any who I started looking at dresses online and I realized they are significantly cheaper then the ones in the store but I am sort of hesitant. Do yall think its a good idea to order a wedding gown offline?

  12. When to start shopping for gowns?

    My sister in law is getting married in June 2013. When should we start looking at bridesmaid dresses? When should we take her to look at bridal gowns? She hasn't chosen an MOH.

  13. Would a Blue Jean Wedding Be Okay?

    I'm going to be having my wedding in September 2013, the ceremony will be in a church but the reception is going to be in a park (family bbq style nothing fancy) We are very laid-back casual people, and suits and tuxedos are just not natural for us. Do you think it would be okay to do a blue jean wedding for the guys in blue jeans and a brown button down and sundresses for the girls. And the guests can come in business casual, not too stuffy but not redneck trashy. I just need opinions. The jeans have nothing to do with money, it does really suit us better. I mean I'll be in a wedding gown. I should have said a very simple gown, no princess or ball gowns.

  14. What are some good korean romantic comedies/drama series?

    These are the ones that i have watched already (there's a lot): Flower Boy Ramen Shop Secret Garden City Hunter Boys Over Flowers Shining Inheritance Heartstrings 49 Days Personal Taste Goong Shut Up Flower Boy Band You're Beautiful Playful Kiss Dream High Dream High 2 Coffee Prince K-pop Extreme Survival Rooftop Prince Love Rain My Girl Operation Proposal Protect the Boss To the Beautiful You Panda and Hedgehog Invinvcible Lee Pyung Kang Cinderella's Sister The Innocent Man (aka Nice Guy) My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Full House Take 2 I Miss You Will It Snow for Christmas? Delightful Girl Choon Hyang

  15. How to match heels with dress?

    I have light peach/nude dress, something like this: http://www.thebridefairy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/peach-wedding-gown.jpg and I can't find heels with same color. I was thinking about royal blue or purple heels and accessorize? what do you think? dress has silver details on it, i don't think gold would work :(

  16. Please explain the meaning of a white wedding dress?

    I have a dress that i really want but its not fully white is white underneath and gold lace. I heard that if you wear a different color beside white it means ur either not a virgin or its not ur first marriage. Would a dress not completely white count?