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Designer Wedding Gowns Questions Answered!

  1. Does anyone know about buying wedding dresses off online?

    I recently got engaged and have been spending time online looking for ideas for dresses and different things for my wedding. I recently found a site that has designer wedding gowns at discouhnt prices. Does anyone know of someone who has bought a wedding dress online or can someone give me some opinions as to if this is a good idea or not?

  2. Does anyone have links to designers that make knee length or cocktail wedding gowns?

    I found 2 on Alfred Angelo that I love because they have a 'little white dress' collection. But I'm having trouble finding other designers that make short wedding gowns. At the knee or higher. I'm short so that'll work for me. I don't want to just go to any dept store and buy a white semi-formal dress because it won't be formal enough and won't be wedding style. Any links would be appreciated!

  3. What are some popular affordable wedding gown designers that can be purchased in Idaho?

    I am getting married and working on a limited budget but don't want to settle for a boring gown. What are some of the popular affordable designers that i could look at in my wedding gown search. Are they available for purchase anywhere?

  4. Where can I rent a designer Wedding Gown?

    Im in NYC. I'd like to know which bridal shops or store can i go to to rent a designer wedding dress?

  5. Where can I find a knock off designer wedding gown?

    There's an Amy Michelson gown that I like. Are there websites? OR are there people that make wedding gowns--what would that normally run?

  6. What is a good dress for a 1950s themed wedding?

    My friend is getting married and having a '50s themed wedding. She wants to wear a dress that she can wear with a birdcage veil and pearls. She'd love to wear a dress like this: http://top-10-list.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Designer-Wedding-Dresses-Bridal-Gowns-Augusta-Jones.gif However, she's worried it won't go with the theme of the wedding. Any suggestions?

  7. How much does a famous designers' name influnce your purchase a wedding gown? - Survey from Astyla Studio?

    How much does a famous designers' name influnce your purchase a wedding gown? For a similar design, one is designed by a big designer's name, another one is from nobody's name, but the first one cost couple of thousand $ more, which one will you buy?

  8. anybody know wedding gowns designers by seeing a photo?

    I have a photo of a wedding gown that i am dieing to have, i found it on the internet but I have no idea who the designer is. Is there anyone who can take a look at the photo and tell me who the designer might be?

  9. How can I buy a designer wedding dress in a cheap price?

    I want to wear a designer wedding dress in my wedding. But I can't spend too much. What can I do?

  10. How many sizes down can I alter my wedding gown?

    Ok here's the deal I am to be given my wedding gown as a gift, it is a size 16, I am not sure what size that is in street clothes. I am a size 9 in street clothes. Can I alter it down to my size without losing the over all look?

  11. Where can you find wedding gowns from a designer's past collection?

    I've fallen in love with a Maggie Sottero wedding gown that is from a past collection - possibly 2005. Anyone know how to purchase it now?

  12. Who Are Some Great Wedding Gown Designers?

    Like Vera Wang, but I want to be open to new designers of couture wedding gowns.

  13. Is Justin Alexander considered a "higher end" wedding gown designer, compared to Maggie Sottero?

    I'm shopping for my wedding dress and one of the consultants told me that Justin Alexander is a more "high end" wedding gown designer than Maggie Sottero? I'm just curious because I am stuck between two gowns one from each desginer and this might help me decide :) Thank you very much! I'm not being shallow, as far as labels go I just want to make sure that the higher priced dress is actually worth the extra money.

  14. Where can I find Audrey Hart wedding gowns in PA?

    I'm looking for a specific Audrey Hart wedding gown-- style 9927-- and I cannot find it anywhere. The designer's website is unavailable, and I cannot locate any stores in PA that may carry the Hart collection. Any idea how I can find it?

  15. Can you still purchase a designer wedding gown many years after it comes out?

    My boyfriend and I are planning our wedding, but we intend on a very long engagement. Our date is for 2014 right now. My problem is that I have found the dress of my dreams in Vera Wang's Fall 2010 collection. I am worried that when the time comes to walk down the isle Vera Wang will no longer have that particular dress.

  16. What store carries cathedral wedding gowns?

    I'm trying to find a store in the Chicago area that sells cathedral wedding gowns. Does anyone know of a store that sells then? I tried looking at David's Bridal on-line before going to the store and didn't find anything that seemed like a cathedral wedding gown. I greatly appreciate it if you can help. Thank you!!!!!!!!