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Rustic Burlap Wedding Decor Questions Answered!

  1. How to have a cute fall wedding that is not too country-ish?

    I want to have a fall wedding, but most fall weddings are very rustic and look very country. I would like it to be elegant, yet charming and relaxed (not too formal). My colors are royal blue and deep orange. Any cute autumn wedding ideas?

  2. Rustic wedding ideas?

    My wedding is in May and we are doing a rustic theme since we live out in the country. Our colors are light blue, silver, and black. The wedding is taking place a nice shelter over-looking a lake. We are going to be using a lot of mason jars of all sizes and putting flowers, lights, and stringing them from the trees outside. We are making our own alter using sticks and trees. We are having the big silver ice tubs with jones soda for drinking. Does anyone else have any other good rustic themed ideas or websites?

  3. Which should I use? reception table decor?

    I am going to be making my own chair shashes and i'm debating between which fabric to chose. We are doing a vintage/rustic theme and our colors are buttercream yellow, chocolate brown with aqua and ivory as an accent colors. I'm not sure what color our table cloths are going to be yet, i'm thinking they will be ivory, but what about the chair sashes? I am debating between organza, tulle, or burlap. If i go with the orgnaza or tulle what color should i get?

  4. Wedding decoration chair coverings??? Help?

    I have a dilema for chair coverings.... All the chairs within the venue are different colors... The table coverings are going to be white burlap with pale yellow runners. My centerpieces are going to be cut aspen trees hollowed out and sunflowers in them. It is a rustic simple wedding. Is there anybody that has any ideas about chair coverings?? i can't afford to rent chair coverings... Is there anyway I can atleast tie the chairs together... they don't have to be covered up, just make them look matching?? This is a picture of the place. http://www.rendezvouspointe.com/scr-lawrence-22.jpg I am open to ANY and ALL ideas for decoration to this venue. Thanks tons!

  5. Name for a bridal shop?

    I am trying to come up with a name for my bridal shop. It will be selling decor items/accessories that are made from renewable resources such as burlap/jute, up-cycle items, mason jars, barn wood, ect. I will have a rustic chic theme to the items. Any Ideas? I have tossed around: Heartland Bride, The Burlap Veil, Burlap Bridal....I've tried asking this in the Small Business forum but to be honest they have no creativity and have no idea.

  6. What is the cheapest but also pretty flowers? and cheapest food that goes far?

    I am getting married next summer. We started planning just recently. The big thing thats hard to decide on is flowers and food. Flowers are very expensive, and we have a limited bugit. I wanna know what kind of flowers would be pretty cheap but still make pretty arrangments, for the tables and in the chhurch..?? Also we have a guest list of around 200 people. We are having it around 2pm sooo hopefully people will have eaten lunch but we need some kind of good snacks/finger foods that arent expensive and will go a long way. Also needs to be easy/fast to make, we planned on making some of it ourselves. Thanks.