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Simple Wedding Ideas Flowers Questions Answered!

  1. What flowers would look good with cobalt blue bridesmaid dresses?

    I am planning on an October 2nd wedding. I have no idea what color/kind of flowers to use for the bouquets. We are getting married in an old country church and plan on keeping the church plain (no extra flowers because we are on a strict budget). I want to keep it nice and simple. Any suggestions?

  2. How do you make flower centerpieces with fake flowers?

    Any websites.. My wedding colors are Turquoise and silver. I am trying to save money and going to a florist to make my centerpieces it would've cost me too much money so i am trying to save money.. any suggestions will help.

  3. How do I change my wedding plans and eliminate having a wedding party?

    I am getting married in a year. My FH & I are really low key, no frills type people. I am in my 40's and I had originally asked 3 of my friends to be in my wedding party. (The FH has not decided who he wants with him). My parents are passed, as is his Mom and he and his Father are not close. My children are giving me away. My BFF was supposed to be my MOH, but she lives over an hour away and is has not really helped at all. The other lady (who is like an adoptive Mom to me) has only went with me once to look at dresses and see the reception hall. The other one has been very helpful with all kinds of suggestions, i.e. has a friend who can make the bouquets & boutonnieres. I appreciate her help, but it's becoming to be too much. We are paying for all of this ourselves and don't have much money. We are planning on having the ceremony & reception in the same place, but it is becoming overwhelming. I just want a simple ceremony and a good party after to celebrate it. I have decided that it would be easier to have a ceremony without a bridal party, but now I don't know how to tell my MOH & BM's so I don't hurt their feelings. The one "helpful" one, is all about her suggestions and she's all excited and it is just a little too much for me. All of her ideas involve people she knows and works with. The lady she suggested to do the flowers, could not even give me a ball park figure on how much it would cost for the flowers and just said it depends. I did not care too much for the flowers she suggested to use and it seemed all about the BM who is just happy that she gets to keep the bouquet. Maybe I am being too intense about her involvement? I would prefer to have simple, easy and fun. Not having to worry about what the others want because they are standing up with me. Also, it looks like I will have to most of the planning and decorating the hall myself because neither the FH or I have people we can really depend on. People have said they will help, but don't come through. I don't like relying on anyone because of this and neither does my FH. Would prefer to handle it ourselves. At this point, I feel like changing the venue of the ceremony and then just having a BBQ or something for the reception, but I don't know what to do. Does anyone have suggestions or advice. Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by this whole thing. I appreciate everyone's feedback and suggestions. I don't know if we can afford a wedding planner, but will have to look into it. Thank You! As to the person "Planner" who answered- It's not about "firing" my wedding party, I didn't use those words. If my FH is having a hard time deciding who he wants to stand up with him, I thought it might be best not to have a "wedding party", I guess I should have elaborated on that. It would make things easier on him and as this is his wedding and money paying for it also, he and his opinion counts. And as far as the one BM and her suggestions-I didn't ask her to do anything for me other than stand up with me. So, yes as you put it- it's "my fault" for not taking charge of my wedding, but I also did not want to her hurt feelings, when she was trying to help. I didn't want to run over her suggestions by saying I don't want your help, that would be rude. And the sugges

  4. Planning a small intimate wedding, please help us with ideas?

    About 30-60 guests. Not sure when possible in the Fall maybe next year. Simple church ceremony and want to go outdoors for photos background. Looking for any ideas to help us plan this great day with dinner only after the ceremony. Bridal party attire, cupcake ideas, flowers will be silk, etc. Want to have a small intimate wedding, so we could save our money for a house.

  5. What do i get my parents for their 18th wedding anniversary?

    Their anniversary is this sunday and i have no idea what to get. I don't have very much money and i need some really good ideas. I wanted get something for the both of them. But i don't know. i need some really good easy ideas!

  6. What are good colors to use for an October wedding?

    I just got engaged and we have a set date October 5, 2010. I love fall weather and the colors of the leaves and I really think it would be good to incorporate those colors in the wedding. But I do like the black and white (with red roses) color skim because it's simple and easy, but boring. So, I would just like some ideas on what colors would make my wedding pop and take the focus of of how cheap it is! P.S. What would be a good flowers for a fall wedding?