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Simple Wedding Ideas On A Budget Questions Answered!

  1. What is the easiest way to plan a wedding?

    I'm making a basic simple plan-not the permanent one- for my wedding. i just want an idea of what im getting into. i want to know what all i need what is ABSOLUTELY necessary for the wedding its self the reception and the rehearsal.

  2. How are you stimulating your wedding day unique ?

    My groom to be and I are trying to plan a beautiful marriage ceremony on a little budget. I know we can do it! Were both wanting a wedding that is unique and not indeed cookie cutter like. Thus were both essaying to think outside the loge when planning our wedding party. What alone ideas are you doing at your wedding ? .

  3. What is the average cost of catering a wedding per person in DC metro?

    I'm planning my wedding around May/June of 2011. Obviously plenty of venues require their own caterers, but I was curious: What is the average cost per person for food catered at a wedding?

  4. Where can I find a wedding planner that is budget friendly?

    I need to hire a wedding planner, but my budget is a bit tight

  5. What colors will go with orange to make a nice wedding color scheme?

    My friend is getting married (not soon, in a year!). Right now shes just engaged but she is starting to think about what she'd like for her wedding. She loves tiger lillies, and plans to spend alot of the budget having those as the flowers. With that in mind I suggested orange bridesmaids dresses, which was another idea she loved. She is looking for a simple color scheme with minimal colors. So far she is thinking Orange, White, and Yellow. I wonder what you can come up with?