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Real Simple Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Where can I find real beach wedding pictures?

    I've been looking everywhere for real beach wedding pictures in a gallery of sorts. Haven't been able to find much but random images in Google. Has anyone come across anything like this?

  2. How do I plan a simple wedding on a limited income?

    I just got engaged on the 14th but I have no idea what to do next, I haven't even picked a date! I'm completely clueless as to what to do and we both have a limited income due to me talking care of our two month old full time and him working, what should I do?

  3. What is a cheap way to get bouquets with real flowers for my wedding?

    I want real bouquets but do not want to pay for expensive ones from a florist at a private shop. Has anyone made their's from pre-made bunches or bouquets at their local grocery store? or have any suggestions?

  4. I need to know how to prepare disposable trays for the wedding?

    Buying disposable trays for wedding is an important part of planning the wedding reception. Whether having a full sit down dinner or just a simple refreshment buffet, disposable trays for wedding reception should be elegant looking yet cheap enough to afford at the same time.However,how shall we get the recognition of preparing disposable trays for wedding?

  5. What are things to look for when buying a wedding ring?

    My husband and I have been married for just over six months and are finally getting to purchase a real ring. We are looking to spend $400. What can we expect and what do we need to stay away from?

  6. What should i do about my wedding cake?

    The cake is only feeding 12 so its going to be small. To give it hight and a little class i'm planning to put the single tier on a cluster of wine glasses. Heres the question should i put flowers, colored water or crystals in the glasses just leave them empty or something else. This is going to be the centerpiece of my reception. The reception is going to be at a 'fun' tropical themed restrant by the water. No real theme for the wedding other then casual, simple and its all being done on the beach.

  7. What do you think about us not having an official Wedding photographer?

    We're trying to keep to a very tight budget, so a family member offered to take all the "family" and posed shots for us. We're also thinking about setting up some sort of photo booth and letting it be known that we'd really appreciate any guests who take photos send them all to us so we have a complete record of the night to pick through and decide what we want to print. Any ideas and thoughts are appreciated!

  8. How can I get into the world of wedding photography before i have to spend 4,000 on a camera.?

    I know how to work a dslr camera well but don't have the money to put down. Just want to know if anyone has an idea.

  9. How can i describe a wedding scene in a story?

    I have zero motivation to work on my next chapter, its the wedding between the two main characters and I have a feeling it will end up sounding generic and mushy and I don't want that.... any ideas?