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Cheap And Simple Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How hard is it to plan a wedding without a wedding planner?

    I am getting married next year, and trying to cut costs as much as possible, so I am not hiring a wedding planner and am trying to plan it all by myself on a limited budget. I own my own consulting business and I work a full time desk job, so I don't have a whole lot of time to sit down and spend on this wedding. Any ideas on how to make it cheap and simple for me? See... the thing is my consulting business takes up most of my weekends and evenings. I have control of my hours, but the more hours I cut, the less money I have to use for the wedding. Oh... and I would love to elope and just send everyone a postcard with our photo... LOL. But he's the first born, first married of his siblings and it's a big thing to him for his family to be there with us to watch us get married, and they can't afford to take a trip to whatever destination we chose to watch us get married there.

  2. How much would cost a wedding party in Haifa-Israel?

    I and my husband got married last year in Hawaii (just the two of us) and we are planning a wedding party in Haifa, Israel. We want to celebrate our marriage with his family. We are planning on 85 guests (it could be less). But we have no idea of the costs. It will only be the party. We don't want anything too sophisticated or expensive. But also nothing that looks cheap. Just something simple, romantic. Is 12,000 sheckels enough money?! Thanks in advance. :)

  3. What are some good ideas to put in my groom's gift basket for before the wedding?

    I am completely clueless..I want to do it cheap and simple. He is an outdoors guy and enjoys riding four-wheelers and his harley. I need some cute ideas. I have an idea of socks for not getting cold feet but I need some others! help :)

  4. Where can I get cheap wedding chair covers to rent online?

    Chair cover rentals are EXPENSIVE here in Nebraska because there isn't much to offer. I'm looking for possible chair cover rentals online that can be shipped to us for hopefully a less expensive price. If you have any ideas of online party rental places that are decently priced, please let me know! Thanks!

  5. How much would a wedding cake for 600 people approximately cost?

    Just a simple white one with round tiers and maybe a few sugar flowers. Thanks,

  6. Getting married and need inexpensive ideas?

    My fiance is leaving to the army soon and we want to get married. Any ideas of a nice simple wedding? Also we have a 9mo old baby and would like to include her. All the help is appreciated.

  7. How much does it cost to have a wedding at Gabrella Manor?

    I just need a simple, medium sized venue that is cheap. Anyone know how much it costs to have a wedding here? Or any other ideas for cheap wedding venues around Birmingham and Springville AL? perhaps around $2,000 limit