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Small Simple Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. im planning on a wedding but need advise?

    im planning on having a wedding a small simple wedding nothing huge or flashy and was wondering does anyone know where the best place in edmonton alberta would be to get married as there will only be my kids my sister and her kids and a few friends adding up to no more then 20 people or less? i would like to get married around january or before?? so if anyone knows a good place please please email me or give me some ideas :) thanks!!! also i would be using a wedding commissioner.

  2. What are some ideas for making homemade wedding invitations?

    I am planning a very small wedding (50 guests) and would like to handmake the invitations. Does anyone have any suggestions or good links to see some examples?

  3. Any ideas where to find inexpensive envelopes?

    I am having a very simple nontraditional wedding. I am starting the invitation process. I am hoping to put in order in soon to have them printed but first I need to find the right envelopes. All I need is 40 or so dark purple small envelopes. Any ideas? Stores? Websites?

  4. How can I plan a small, simple wedding quickly? It is sort of short notice?

    My sister is getting married in two weeks and we need to plan her wedding...and fast! Please give me any ideas you might have on how to plan a simple yet elegant wedding. There are less than 100 people who will be attending and the place is already picked out. Please send me any checklists you might have.

  5. For my at-home wedding, should I plan an official "exit" with a limo and everything?

    It's a very small, simple wedding, only about 30-35 people, two of whom will be lodging at our house for the occasion. I'm trying to decide if we should plan the official big limo exit and take off to a hotel for the evening, or just spend the night at home -- which is obviously less glamorous, but what if we decide we want to stay and party with people all night instead of leave? On the other hand... what if people are hanging around long after we want them to leave, and we're stuck there because we didn't schedule an exit? It's really hard to plan a small wedding because you're not going "all out" and you have to pick and choose which traditional elements seem appropriate. Any thoughts/ideas welcome!

  6. My fiance and I are on a VERY strict wedding budget, any suggestions to have a nice but inexpensive wedding?

    My fiance and I just bought a house so money is tight. We are trying to plan our wedding for this year or spring of next year (April) but I am finding it difficult to find venues or come up with ideas that aren't cheesy and are cost effective. Our budget is $5,000 max and we will have approximately 60 - 100 people. Any suggestions for a nice, simple, inexpensive wedding that isn't cheesy? We live in Ontario, in the GTA.

  7. Anybody ever had a small wedding ceremony on a beach?

    My girlfriend is from Romania. She will be coming back to the states to be with me and we are planning on getting married. She always talks about the beach and everything. So, I thought maybe we could just go to the local county clerk to get the license, then drive down to the beach and get married. Her family of course is in Romania, so there really won't be anyone from her side of the family, so we are probably going to keep it pretty small. Then maybe after we are married we can travel to Romania and show her family. Any ideas or tips about beach weddings? Thanks.

  8. How can I keep a wedding simple and intimate, but very elegant?

    Any ideas/tips? Anything. I'm completely open to ideas. For example, what should the decor look like, the table settings, etc. Thank you:)