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Diy Wedding Ideas On A Budget Questions Answered!

  1. I need your opinion on my vases idea for the wedding?

    I'm having a vintage eclectic handmade wedding. Kind of a shabby chic style. It's going to be a DIY wedding on small budget. For the wedding reception I wanted to use different types of large vases for the tables. I came up with this great idea to use vases from my home. My parents own about 12 tall vases in all different shapes. Some vases are clear, one is off white, one is lavender (my wedding color), and one is green (my other wedding color). What do you think about my idea?

  2. What was your wedding budget and what did you actually spend?

    I'm not quite sure what my wedding budget is yet, but i know i want to do whatever i can to save money...making the centerpieces, and bouquets and decorating myself. Also, my friend's dad is a chef and he has offered to give me a discount on the catering What was your wedding budget and what did you actually spend? What did you do to save money? What did you spend more on than you thought you would? Thanks :)

  3. OK I just got engaged, and I have a nice long time to plan my wedding, but where do I start?!?

    What books are good for those of us who are super-clueless as to how to get things rolling? I need help with etiquette, traditions, planning the ceremony and reception, pretty much everything. We want to get married in fall 2011 or maybe a little earlier. If there were any books, websites, or other resources that helped you to plan a low-budget, mostly DIY wedding, I would LOVE to hear about them! Right now I am feeling extremely overwhelmed!

  4. What is a reasonable budget for a wedding?

    I want it to be formal. Any ideas on cost cutting options, and possibly things I can do myself?

  5. Do you think its tacky to use the wedding disposable cameras at the wedding/reception?

    Im getting married and trying to stick to a strick budget and I would love to have an photographer, unfortunately they are to expensive. I just wanted to know will it look bad if i dont use one.