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Unique Diy Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some unique ideas for wedding party favors?

    We are looking for some unique ideas for our wedding next spring. We dont want to use the same party favors that you see at most weddings. What are some unique themes, center pieces and party favors that you have seen or thought of?

  2. How can I save money for and on my wedding?

    I'm getting married this November and Im having a theme of autumn. I don't want to spend very much on the wedding. Mostly because I don't have enough money for a big fancy wedding. I have over 100 guests that I CANT not invite. I've lowered it and it's still over 100. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas about what I could do to save money. Please, I can use all the help I can get.

  3. What did you have for your wedding favors?

    Did you diy? Go all out? Something unique? Im after some ideas please! Thanks!

  4. Anyone have any idea where to find unique wedding favors in Singapore?

    Anyone have any idea where to find unique and beautiful wedding favors in Singapore? Getting married next year

  5. Unique save the date ideas for a spring wedding?

    We're having a spring wedding and looking for fresh, unique save the date ideas. We love the idea of postcards as an economical choice but hoping for something a little bit different.

  6. How far will $20,000 get you on a simple wedding ceremony?

    If you're going to have a very simple ceremony, how far would $20,000 get you? And this includes a honeymoon too. Some advice on saving on wedding cost and a few tip on how to make the best of my money would be appreciated. Also what is the bride usually responsible for buying and what is the groom usually responsible for buying?

  7. Did you have to scale down your dream or vision for the "big day"?

    Did you start out with a big vision and have to scale down or did you start simple and get everything you want? I have recently began planning and I have a certain vision for my wedding... So, how did your wedding go? What did you cut back or eliminate? Was it all you'd hoped for?

  8. Does anyone know a unique way to make wedding bouquets?

    I wanted to button bouquets but they are wayy to expensive even to make at home! HELP

  9. Need some wedding planning advice from all the ladies!!?

    I've just started planning my wedding. I want a good start because I know it can be real stressful. We don't have a ton of money so I want to be creative. Are there any good sites to recommend for us crafty people about wedding planning to do with favors, flowers and decorations? Of course like any woman I want some unique ideas. Also are there any legit good sites for wedding contests? And I'll take any advice anyone has to offer. :) Thank you so much!

  10. Can someone help me think of CENTERPIECE ideas?

    I am having a VERY large wedding around 350 ppl. There is no way I can have huge nice flower centerpieces.. i just cant afford that. I need some alternatives. Something unique and elegant. My main color is yellow and in the bouquets will yellow mixed w/ light pinks and ivory and yellows.