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Diy Wedding Ideas Brides Questions Answered!

  1. What are some creative diy wedding favors or budget friendly favors?

    My wedding is coming up in a few months and I am searching for some creative favors for a January 1st wedding. I already have ordered some personalized matches but am having trouble with what else to get. Everything seems to be really expensive even in bulk. Does anybody know any other ideas that are not too expensive? Also, what are some unique diy wedding favors? I am thinking about making some soap, but not really sure.

  2. How can I make my wedding reception unique?

    I'm getting married and I want all sort of unique wedding reception ideas. I want a beautiful wedding on a small budget. Therefore, I want to stretch every dollar I have saved for my DIY wedding to make it unique. Any suggestions?

  3. How did you make your wedding invitations?

    Did you get ideas from a website? Where did you buy the materials? Please don't give me answers that just say "google DIY wedding invites" or "go to a craft store". I've started to do those things already. I'm asking for answers from those who have done their own invitations. Also, how did you do the response cards and everything else that goes with them. Thank you.

  4. My fiancé and I love the game of Scrabble. How could we incorporate that into our wedding?

    Any ideas for using Scrabble pieces at the wedding reception? What kinds of things could I make with the Scrabbble pieces to use at the wedding? I'm having a DIY wedding so I want to do something with the Scrabble pieces.

  5. Wedding ideas and photos of anything black and white theme with red and orange accents?

    My wedding will be next August and I have definitely decided on black and white with orange and red accents but I want more ideas on centerpieces, cakes, decorations, dinnerware(i am on a budget so decorative paper plates), etc. Anything would help at this point! Thanks in advance to everyone!

  6. Where can I find wedding appropriate holders for 4x6 panels of glass?

    I am DIY-ing my wedding table signs. I am using crystals to form the table numbers on 4x6 panels of glass from old picture frames. but I have no idea where to find a wedding appropriate holder for the panels!!!! Help! are there any brides or former brides who know where I might find them?

  7. Any ideas for Wedding magazines besides the usual?

    I feel like most wedding magazines cater to the rich bride. I recently found one called DIY Bride. I'm looking for cost cutting tips and do it yourself stuff.

  8. Can you be a wedding designer?

    I'm a graphic designer, and very creative by nature. I learned while planning my wedding that I am very good at creating things like centerpieces, favors, table designs, escort cards, custom stationary, decorations and coordinating wedding party looks - and all at a reasonable cost. I don't think I would be very good at being a "wedding coordinator" per-se, but just very good with all of the visual aspects. Is there some kind of career in this? Thanks!

  9. Any decorating ideas for a kelly green wedding?

    The bride chose kelly green as her wedding color. Need decorating ideas for centerpieces,invitations, favors, etc. Please keep in mind wedding is in Nov. Thanks!

  10. I am looking for ideas to make a bridal show more exciting?

    I plan 2 small ones and 1 large one per year and I feel they are all the same. Does anyone have good ideas that would make my show stand out against competitor shows?

  11. What type of things can you do yourself for a wedding?

    My fiance and I are trying to think of ways to cut our wedding budget and we're thinking of making our own invitations but what other ideas are there on doing things yourself for your wedding? What did yourself for you wedding like making your own wedding invites? Thank you in advance.

  12. How much is the estimated price of buying all the flowers for your wedding? Bouquets and everything?

    I'm trying to budget out my wedding and see how much everything will cost so i can calculate out the estimated final tab. I need to know how much it would approximately be to get all my flowers (bouquets, decorations, boutineers, ect. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks! I won't be having much decoration. I'm planning a gazebo wedding in a park, approx 125 people. I live in Houston, TX. Thank you for your comments so far!!!

  13. What are ways to make traditional wedding events unique?

    My fiance is really excited about this wedding planning stuff and the one thing he is DEAD set on is making sure it is not a boring...overly predictable wedding reception. Like the introduction of the wedding party, the first dance, the group dances, the bouquet and garder toss. He wants to do all those things but wants to put a spin on it to reflect our personalities....and make it not so...ORDINARY! I agree with him. But I really haven't been to enough weddings to know the difference. Any ideas on how to make it our own? I know you don't know either one of us...but what would you do?

  14. What should I look for in a good DIY wedding website?

    I've searched all the major ones and some of the blogs but I just cant seem to figure out why one would be better than the other and it takes so much time to go through all the archives. Any thoughts? I'm super busy... Thanks!