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Cheap Diy Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some unique, fun, funny, interesting wedding ideas you have?

    I am getting married soon, and I want this day to be one that I can remember for the rest of my life, not just a day that I'm bored with and can't wait to have it done with. I've thought of many things but currently my mind has run dry. I've thought of things like: Picture matting instead of an actual guest book. A Candy bar, purchasing candy online in bulk for cheap. DIY chandalier trees And a few other things, like a picture booth (For south Dakota is a big deal hhaa) Any other ideas?

  2. Can someone please recommend some easy to make cold finger-foods to serve at an afternoon family reception?

    This wedding is in Southern California during the afternoon at the end of June, so it's going to be hot. There will only be 40 people. We have a wedding cake, and will also be getting some sandwiches, but we would like to serve some easy-to-make and cheap DIY finger-foods for favor and style. Can someone provide pictures or even recipes we can follow please? Thanks.

  3. What are some cheap and simple ways of decorating a wedding alter?

    We are planning a wedding on a budget and I was looking for some cheap and easy DIY ways of decorating the alter and ceremony location? Any options, and help is appreciated. I thank you all in advance.

  4. Where can i get good wedding invitations for an affordable price in Manila?

    My friend is getting married and i'm in charge of looking for a great wedding invitation design for an affordable price. It would be really great if anyone can give me websites or contact numbers and addresses. Thanks all!

  5. Where can I get coloured glass bottles and vases in London?

    I'm trying to find a selection of cute and quirky glasswares for my wedding this summer. I plan to fill coloured bottles, vases and jars with flowers and candles. I wondered if anyone knows any cheap wholesalers/ DIY/ brick a brak shops in London, preferably East or North but don't mind travelling if it's got a good selection.Thanks.

  6. What was your wedding budget, and were you within budget or did you go over?

    Just trying to work out our wedding budget, everything is so expensive. Even taking the honeymoon cost out of the budget I'm still struggling to keep it under budget. What was/is your budget breakdown?

  7. How do I go about a 50 guest wedding?

    I want it really simple.I don't want to spend nomore than 3000.Should I have it at a park,a community center...Please people help me out.Any ideas.Also we don't want to get married at a courthouse.My fiances mom will be making the cake and his sister will be taking the pics.We are not having any flowers either.I will be printing out my own invitations.

  8. Does anyone have suggestions for wedding DIY projects?

    I am planning my wedding, but don't have a huge budget to work with. I would like to save money in some areas so that I can put more money towards the bigger necessities. Does anyone have any good suggestions to save money or resources that can point me in the right direction?

  9. Does anyone have any amazing ideas for DIY weddings to save money?

    I plan on planning a wedding that has a lot of DIY to save time. I am looking for ideas from future brides with the same idea or from brides that have fought the battle already and have conqured the fight to have a low budget, yet elegant wedding with money saving tips and ideas. Anything is greatly appreciated. Thank y'all so very much! (Please give ideas such as centerpieces, food, decor, drinks, invitations, etc.)

  10. I need ideas for a Vegas-themed wedding reception, but my main color is royal blue?

    I'm getting married in December 2012 in Las Vegas and am having a reception in Wisconsin the following February. My main colors are Royal Blue, Silver,and Black, but I'd like to have a Vegas theme. Any suggestions, pictures, links, and/or ideas? I am doing most of the planning and have a very tight budget, so the cheaper. the better or any DIY ideas would be great! Thanks!

  11. Where can I find the cheapest candy in bulk for a wedding?

    I'm looking for wedding conversation hearts, sixlets, or something that can easily fill up a favor bag! I'm looking for a good deal. Help!

  12. when to start planning a winter 2012 wedding?

    I have no idea when to start planning! Is now too soon?

  13. How can i make my parents backyard really pretty?

    My fiance and I really like the DIY look of weddings (not only that, but they're SUPER budget friendly!). We've decided to use my parents' backyard as the venue. It's about an acre, but it's just a field of grass. How can we spice it up a bit?