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Do It Yourself Home Wedding Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. Any help for a low budget Wedding?

    I am planning a wedding for next year around September or October, but I really do not have a big budget. How can I achieve the wedding I have in my mind on a budget? Does anyone have some books or a website that will be able to help me out? Or any other tips for that matter? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. What do I absolutely need to have a great wedding?

    I am planning to get married in less than 60 days and i was wondering what are the NEEDS for it?I know the ring,license, and decorations but im lost...sort of. Is there a checklist i cud print or any great advice for me. p.s. there are going to be about 200 to 250 ppl showing up and i am on a strict budget of about $300 to $400 PLEASE HELP!:))

  3. what is the name of the roll out frosting they use on wedding cakes?

    Has anyone ever watched the show ace of cakes? They use this roll out colored frosting, and it has a smooth look to it...What the heck is the name of that stuff??? thanks guys!!! Anyone use it?? Is it difficult for the amateur?? I have got to say, the simplest questions, ppl still find the need to be rude!

  4. What type of intertainment gos wellwith a Dimond Theme party?

    What kind of Intertainment should i do por a Dimond Theme Party? The name of the party is called Dimonds in the Desert any ideas? also decorations ect??

  5. What are some great ways to save money when planning a wedding?

    Our guest list is firm and I am more looking for ways to DIY than to cut things out totally.

  6. How to go about having a cheap wedding ceremony and choosing celebrant, what is involved?

    We are looking at the idea of marriage after being together for 10 yeears, making it official. Wondering how to go about having a cheap but fun wedding and how to go about getting a celebrant and how much they cost? Any tips or ideas I would appreciate thanks.

  7. I am getting married and I want a sponge bob cake, my wife is embarrassed by it. What should I do?

    I am gettting married on September 11th. I am the biggest Sponge Bob fan in the world. I own all 8 seasons on DVD. I have seen every episode at least 15 times. I need for Sponge Bob to be a part of my wedding, but my wife doesnt want him there. What should I do?

  8. What is your budget for your wedding?

    I'm just wondering what other people are spending. I'm not good at figuring out exactly how much our budget should be. Should it be a certain percentage of your income or something lol? How did you figure out how much to spend on certain things or what are you spending on certain things? Flowers, venue, etc?