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Outdoor Home Wedding Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. I need to find a wedding planner in fontana ca that can plan a wedding on a $5000 budget?

    Hi i know that im asking for A lot but i know it can be done. I have been watching a lot of wedding shows and even though they say a wedding average cost is $30,000 i have seen planners make it possible on a $5000 budget. If their is any one out there that can help me i will appreciate this very much. Thank you. The date will be 7/11/09

  2. Has anyone had their wedding at Flat creek country club in Peachtre city GA? How was it?

    I would like to know about the service and prices.

  3. How much does a modest wedding cost these days?

    My daughter just got engaged last week.

  4. Has anyone ever hosted an outdoor reception?

    We are planning on getting married and then coming back home to celebrate. We will invite everyone over to his parent's house. We thought getting married at the beach and then coming home about a week later for the reception would be less stressful for everyone. His parents have a beautiful backyard with a pool. We would like to have the reception bash there. Could someone give me links to a website that could help us with decorations and themes to a poolside reception? I would also love any ideas from someone who has done this before!!

  5. Where is the site of the Baker Institute in Muscatine, IA?

    I'm doing genealogical research and it looks like my great grandfather was a patient there back in the late 1930's. I can't find a lot of information about it besides the originator being Norman Baker who also had a radio station and owned the Crescent Hotel. I am really curious if the building itself still exists or if it has been torn down? Where was the location either way? Thanks so much!

  6. Is it possible to throw a small wedding for less than $2,000?

    I am having a destination wedding at a beach. I am on a tight budget and have a spending limit of around $2000. What are some ways I can save money? I already have my dress, so that is not a part of the budget. Julia~ I am not spending this. My father is paying for it. And my family is perfectly secure. The beach is about 4 hours so it is feasible that people could bring food.