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Small Home Wedding Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. What are good tips for a small wedding ceremony?

    I'm having both, my side and his side of our immediate family to hang out for a weekend somewhere close to home. Any ideas that would make the ceremony exceptionally nice without a heavy price? Should I wear a formal wedding dress?

  2. What happens in a korean traditional wedding?

    I'm a white female and I am getting married to a korean man. I was wondering what will be involved in a korean traditional wedding, before and after on my side and his side.

  3. How to have a succesfull small wedding?

    Were having a small Intimate wedding with around 30guests. Its in a small country hotel thats really luxurious with great food. Im creative so were going for somwthing abit different with regards to decorations etc. Im so worried though that because its only small the atmosphere will be dead and everyone will be bored and go home. To the point were worrying about it is making me sick. How do i make a small cosy wedding just as sucessful as a large one? Please help : (

  4. How much would this wedding cost?

    I want a very small wedding. A backyard wedding with no more than 20 guests. I don't want a big cake I want to make a few regular sized cakes at home. It will be in florida. I will be making all the food and ill be just buying cheap decorations from a craft store but I want real flowers and I also don't want a big wedding dress I just want a plain white dress from like ross. So please I need estimates. Thank you.

  5. What is the least amount of money that can be spent on wedding?

    I will just be getting out of college (August 2008) and wont have a lot of money, but we would like a small, church ceremony, small reception without all the fancy stuff but still nice. What is the least amount I can spend for about 50-100 people. I don't know how many exactly but I do know it wont be more than 100. Thanks.

  6. What are some alternatives to a traditional wedding reception?

    We are going to have the full ceremony in a chapel, but we do not have enough family and friends to warrant a full reception. Are there any acceptable alternatives that don't downgrade the ocassion and aren't too expensive?