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Home Wedding Decorations Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. How much does a small wedding cost?

    My fiance and I are a young couple. We are both 19 years old, but we are in love. We want to get married this coming up summer. How much does a small wedding cost?

  2. What are some good games to play at a wedding reception?

    I would like to get some ideas for games to be played at my wedding. I think it is much more entertaining for guests if they can participate in games or watch the Bride & Groom get embarrassed!! Any suggestions? Some ideas for getting the bride & groom to kiss as well....(no clinking glasses and no singing love songs!!) I am looking for something semi-original!

  3. If you have a tip or suggestion on ways to have frugle wedding and want to share?

    only way i have heard of having a frugle wedding is by having a pot luck wedding where all the guests must bring a dish to pass stated in the wedding invitation..just really love this idea and wanted to share it is all..and when i find my true sole mate or mr,right i want to have a pot luck wedding...

  4. How do you get around washing all the dishes in a formal dining table?

    I love the look of a formal, set, dining table in the dining room of my home. Does anyone find that they have to wash all of the settings before using them because they've sat out for so long (subject to dust and other elements)? Is there any way to get around this, or is it just the price of decoration?

  5. How to plan a beauty pageant themed birthday party?

    I need to know how to plan a beauty pageant themed birthday party. I need to know EVERYTHING, from decorations to food to prizes?!??!?!?! Please help me and be creative! :)

  6. Do you have any ideas for a candy-themed birthday party for a 14 year old?

    I am having a birthday party. I need some ideas still.. About anything, decorations, games, anything

  7. How much money should i spend on my wedding?

    Money is not that much of a problem so what would be seen as acceptable and not to over the top.

  8. What are some ideas for "tropical" decorations for a reception??

    We are getting married in Jamiaica and want to bring the fun home at the reception and want to keep it tropical..any ideas on flowers, table decor, anything??

  9. How much is your wedding going to cost you and how many guest will you invite?

    My fiance and I are getting married in a year. We are having a beautiful DIY Wedding on small budget... way less than $10,00. We plan on having about 100 people or so at the wedding. I know our DIY Wedding will be beautiful! So I just want to know how much your wedding is going to cost you? How many guest will you invite? Yay for DIY Weddings! :)

  10. Where can I find this decoration?

    I found a picture of the decorations I wanted for my outdoor wedding. Problem is, I have no idea where to find the tall poles. Help, please? Photo Link: http://www.jenmagazine.com/modest-wedding/modest-pictures/modestbridalgown.jpg