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Home Wedding Decorations Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What's a good menu for my parents anniversary?

    I'm looking for about two appetizers, two main dishes, and two desserts. One of each, hopefully favoring both of my parents. We did this last year, my two sisters, and I with only a single option menu. This year, we're trying to make it extremely special. Our decorations will include my sister's drawings, flowers, and our made-up restaurant logo, The 3 Mouseketeers. We plan on taking their order while they're in a different room, maybe put on some old videos for entertainment and call them in when their orders are ready. We don't really have a budget, but hopefully not anything with too many ingredients since we're not all that experienced. I also want wine. Last year for appetizers we had fake lobster topping on crackers and other stuff... And the main was lasagna. The only other idea so far, is adding salad to appetizers and steak to the main. If anyone could please post food ideas with recipes or decoration ideas, that'd be really nice!(: My parents don't really tell us what they like and it's quiet hard to please them, although last year they were satisfied.

  2. what are good homemade decoration for a winter wonderland theme?

    my friend is getting married next week. she has no decorations, no money and no plans. i am the maid of honor and it is up to me to save the day. the theme for her wedding is winter wonderland. the colors are blue, white and silver. i need centerpieces, decorations, and bridal party/shower ideas. HELP!

  3. What's the best wedding gift (under $100) you ever received?

    Purchased items only please. I know the handmade ones are sentimental etc. I am looking to find ideas for what to add to registry list. Both bride and groom already have apartments so they have many of the basics (toaster, blender, microwave, etc). Since many young couples don't use silver or china very much, we were wondering what items might be good to list. -- mother of the bride.

  4. What would be a really cool idea for a website?

    I'd like to create a website. What would be a good and new idea for a website? I'm a web developer. Plz give me some cool ideas.