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Indian Wedding Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. What is a good Website for planning a Bengali or Indian Wedding?

    I need websites where they show wedding menu's and decorations & dresses. Thank u guys!

  2. What flowers bloom in August?

    We are planning our wedding in our huge gazebo in the backyard and we want to plant something now that will bloom in August so that we will have "natural" wedding decorations. Any suggestions? BTW we live in New Mexico, and it is a dry desert kind of climate, so something that is good for Washington state for example won't work here...

  3. What are appropriate gifts to give for an Indian wedding?

    Hello from USA! My wife's best friend who was her maid of honor is getting married in India (Mumbai). My wife would have been her friend's maid of honor, but we just had our first baby born last week - the wedding is the last week of December. What is an appropriate gift and traditional Indian gift that my wife could give to her close friend, besides money?

  4. Would it look weird to have Indian style Mehndi hand decorations for a western wedding?

    I'm getting married on Saturday (registry office) and I have a friend who does the most beautiful mehndi designs - I'm thinking of asking her to decorate my hands for the wedding, but not sure if it will just look odd as its not an Indian wedding, I'm wearing a pink silk gown. I thought maybe a simple floral design - with some gold and pink sequins to match my dress? dunrobin - Mehndi is not "religious".

  5. what can i expect at an indian wedding?

    I've been invited to one (punjabi) and i have no idea what to expect, can i wear western clothing or is it more acceptable to wear indian style clothing?

  6. What are the benefits of having a Fall/Autumn wedding?

    We are looking at wedding dates and originally wanted to get married in Spring, but the weather is so unpredictable here in Queensland. Can anyone please give me any advice about choosing a wedding season? Is Spring really as good as people make out to be, or could Fall be just as beautiful? We don't want to get married when the weather is super hot or cold, so we are not considering Winter or Summer.

  7. I am planning a Telugu wedding in the southeast United States. Where can I find a nice white wedding sari?

    I would also appreciate advice on where to purchase decorations, as I don't seem to be able to find a lot that I don't have to get shipped from far away.

  8. What is the purpose of the gold in Goldschlager?

    I heard it does AND does not cut you open to allow the alcohol to hit your system faster. It makes sense that it doesnt because gold is a soft metal. Is it just for decoration? Seems like a waste of gold to me...

  9. How can we combine American & Indian traditions in our wedding?

    Me & my fiancé are both Muslim, but I want our wedding to be american and Indian, I want to wear a white dress and walk down the aisle. But idk how to combine American & Indian traditions I'm our wedding,

  10. Reception ideas with a middle eastern theme?

    My husband and I had a civil ceremony. We don't really want a full wedding on our anniversary, but some type of party or reception. We want to have a middle eastern theme, but we need easy ideas that can be taken down and cleaned up without much hassle. My husband is Egyptian, and I am a little bit of everything. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  11. how do you decorate a steel plate for an Indian wedding using fancy material?

    at an idian wedding you decrate the steel plate with some sort of ribbons and fabric is there any website i can have a look at with some deisgns and tips for this decoration

  12. Help with table decorating ideas for a rental hall wedding?

    We are on a very tight budget, and going with fall for our theme. The dresses will be apple red and I was thinking of white linens for tables but somehow incorperating fall colors without making it look cheaply done. We are going to use paper napkins, so I was thinking yellow for one table, orange for another, and red for another and so on. I dont want it to look tacky but I need some ideas. We dont have much money so nothing extraordinary please

  13. Falling in love wedding theme. Any autumn decoration ideas?

    I'm having a wedding in the fall. I want to do crystal tree centerpieces with leaves on them. I also like the idea of using dried grapevines wrapped around things. But what can I do w that theme?? I'm stumped! And what about flowers? I want some flowers but not too much. I don't want the flowers to be the focal point over the leaves. How can I decorate based on that?

  14. Indian wedding decorations??? (UK)?

    Does anyone know where I can hire some indian wedding decorations? I want some nice things to decorate the house during the wedding time.... any suggestions on where i can hire some? (UK answerers please)

  15. I am looking for ideas for a small diy wedding on a tight budget in october?

    late afternoon,on halloween or the weeekend of,inexspensive but elegantoutdoor and indoor suggestions,foods ,decorations,any ideas are welcome

  16. An Indian friend has invited me to Kolkatta (Calcutta); what places of interest should I visit?

    I'm English and my great, great grandmother was born in Dum Dum around 1865.

  17. In an Indian (Hindu) Wedding who usually pays for the wedding?

    I think in some cultures the Woman or Man family pays for the wedding, like i think in a mexican wedding the Husbands family usually pays but i was just wondering in tradition who usually pays in a Hindu wedding?