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At Home Wedding Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. What's a good name for a wedding decoration rental business?

    I'm starting to rent out wedding decorations. Start a little mini at-home business and I need a good name to call it.

  2. Can you have a wedding for a $5000 dollar budget?

    My fiancee and I are getting married in May and he has given me a $5000 dollar buget to pay for all of our wedding that includes the rental facility which is already in the amount of $1,550.00. The rest of the money should cover the buffet reception, photography, wedding cake, wedding gown, his tuxedo, our wedding shoes, flowers/wedding decorations and servers to help and clean plus taxes and labor. Need an advice coz I don't think this amount is not enough to cover everything he wishes me to do.

  3. How close to the wedding are we suposed to have the bridal shower or wedding shower?

    My wedding is in early August and I want to have my bridal shower at the end of April. Is that too soon. When should i have it? Are bridal showers and wedding showers the same thing? I dont know how these things work, help me out a little. Its my first time.Is there a rule to these things?

  4. What is the reason behind the wedding cake in a western wedding?

    In a western style wedding, the couple is usually asked to cut the wedding cake. What's the meaning behind the wedding cake?

  5. How do you have a geek themed wedding without being tacky or lame?

    How do you have a geek themed wedding without being tacky or lame? Video games, fantasy (like, LoTR, Star Trek (him not me, lol), Harry Potter, Photography, Anime, etc. He's a computer engineer, so computers would definitely fit. We're just pretty geeky in nature Not costumes.

  6. How much would a wedding with 175 guests cost?

    We plan to marry in Brooklyn, ny (home) I understand there are other variables involved but I'm starting to save and I want to make a goal. Ideas from experience?

  7. How can I make my 2nd wedding special without spending alot of money?

    I am getting married this summer, have two teenage boys, and am not sure whether to elope to Vegas or do something at home. I don't want to spend a lot of money, but would like a day to remember. Any suggestions?

  8. Where do you find lettering for glass block decorations?

    I am making glass block decorations for Christmas and want some lettering. Thank you in advance.

  9. How do I bring in nature into my wedding theme?

    I am having a green/brown/white wedding theme (Calla Lilies for flowers), but I want it to look more "naturey" but with those colours. Definitely need brown ideas (lacking on those), would pine cones in an August wedding look tacky? Help please!

  10. How does one become a Wedding Planner?

    I'm thinking about becoming a wedding planner for a company, but I don't know what steps I need to take to become one. Are there training courses, do I need to go to college and take a course or two in Business Management, or do I need both training and college?

  11. What are the best department stores in Victoria, Canada for wedding gifts?

    I have a friend who is getting married in Victoria this year and as I can't go to the wedding I would like to buy them a gift card for a Canadian store. I live in Australia and haven't been to Canada (plan to, though) so I don't have a clue what your stores are like. Can anyone tell me what would be the best place to purchase a gift card from? I would like them to be able to choose something nice and appropriate for a wedding. If anyone has been shopping in Australia and knows these stores, I'm thinking Myer/David Jones/Grace Bros. Thanks.