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Down Home Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some ideas for "numbering" or naming the tables at my wedding?

    I am having a home themed wedding!

  2. What is the youngest age a couple can marry that isn't looked down upon?

    What is the average youngest age that someone can get married that isn't looked down upon? Say someone is 18 or 19 and has been with their boyfriend for two years. Are they still too young, even when the 18 year old is extremely mature for their age, as well as the boyfriend that is 21? Just asking in regards to a friend. Thanks.

  3. What would be considered some great ideas for a 4th anniversary that don't involve money?

    It's my 4th year being married to my goddess of a wife but unfortunately things aren't so financially great right now. What are some ideas or some things that I can do to try and at least make somethin' from nothin'?

  4. What type of food and drinks did you serve at your wedding?

    And was it casual, formal, buffet, etc? Also, how did you eventually narrow your food choices down? What did you do with the leftover food? Anything you could tell me would be great. Thank you.

  5. Any information on home learning courses and funding in the UK?

    I am a stay at home mum currently with two young boys, hoping while I'm home to do a course in either beauty therapy or wedding planning. But as I'm currently on benefits I can't afford a £600 course. Any ideas?

  6. My dad wants me to shoot down pigs every weekend like a true redneck, how do I handle this situation?

    Really, I just want to stay home with my friends in the barn and smoke Meth.

  7. What is the best way to save money after the wedding?

    My Fiancee and I are looking to get married in April of 2009. Starting in december of this year, he will be finishing with school and his current job has offered him a job at 55,000 a year. I will still be only making about 15,000 at the time. Our wedding right now looks like it will be costing us about 30,000. We will be able to afford the wedding/honeymoon without having to take out a personal loan. However, this means that we might have to live with my parents for a few months to save money before we go to find a place of our own. He likes the idea of living here together for a while becuase it will give us a chance to get organized and pack the things that we are going to take/get rid of the things we will not take. etc... plus, my parents would not charge rent of any kind. The other option is to find somewhere to rent.. Is renting a better idea? I dont see how it is possible to save money for a home while renting. Any suggestions would be helpful. The price of the wedding COULD be less...the thing is that I have a HUGE family. My family alone (with moms side/dads side) consists of almost 200 people, and that does not include close friends of the family..or His family and friends ... Most of the reception places that dont cost as much also are not big enough for the amount of people. The money part wouldnt go towards elaborate decorations etc... but to accomidate all the family We have discussed changing the date but April 5th 2009 is a very special date...for both of us, for reasons both inside and outside of our relationship. So yes, the date COULD be moved, but we'd prefer it if it didnt have to be.

  8. How did your fiance/husband propose and did you expect anything?

    My fiance and I are on vacation right now and he proposed on March 4th. When he visited me in my home town three years ago we snuck into a childhood park of mine at night once. Then it started raining and we started running back to the car. But before we left the park we stopped and we kissed. Three years later he took me back to that park and over looking the Mississippi River on the bluffs, he purposed. I was completely unaware he was planning this! It makes me curious if other women saw the signs d: Thanks