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Home Wedding Ideas Brides Questions Answered!

  1. What are some fun informal wedding rehearsal dinner ideas?

    The wedding is on 12/31/10 and we live in Michigan so anything outdoors is out of the question.

  2. What are some ideas for food to be served at a wedding that can be homemade for 100 guests?

    We have a wedding coming up and the bride and groom want the food to be prepared at home not catered. There will be about 100 people and it is an outside affair. They would like appetizers and a main meal. I like your answers, but I need a main course idea.

  3. Where are some places I can get some neat craft ideas to make for my wedding?

    Like I've seen the knot has pretty cool ideas. and offbeat bride. any others? I want to make cards and neat little party favors. and stuff.

  4. What are some unique wedding favor ideas?

    I'm getting married in September, the wedding will be indoor at a mansion venue. I don't want to do the typical suckers and bubbles. I'd like to be unique so its memorable. Any and all ideas are welcome. (Budget friendly) Thanks=] Yea not doing the name thing.

  5. What to get as a wedding gift for a mature couple?

    My 50 year-old cousin (a widower) is getting married this weekend. The bride and groom both have houses and they are combining all their "stuff" into one home. What is a good present that recognizes the sanctity of marriage and celebrates this joyous occasion, but doesn't add more clutter to an already full house?

  6. How do you feel about wedding showers, baby showers, housewarming parties?

    Lol, just wondering. It seems like my wedding shower was just a day ago but it must have been at least two years ago now. I wonder if someone will throw me a baby shower, I felt like a bit of a moocher at my wedding shower, actually. Yea, I guess they're not all bad. We had fun anyway.

  7. Ideas for special things to do for honeymoon in Disney world?

    Need some ideas to do something special for my wife to be while we are in Disney world? We are not staying on property to save money but I really wanna do something nice. What should I do for them?

  8. What should my funny wedding invitation say?

    I want a funny wedding invitation. We have been together 9 years and are finally getting married. We live in New York, but are getting married in Texas (my home state) if that helps with ideas. Need some funny ideas please!

  9. What are some things a bride and groom should bring to their first meeting with the Officiant?

    And what are some questions/things we need to talk to him about? We are 3 months from the wedding and get married far from our home Church so this is the first time we are meeting him.

  10. Does anyone have any good ideas for mother and father of the bride gifts?

    Getting married in July and want to get my parents something really nice and meaningful. Any ideas?

  11. How should we word the wedding invitation?

    Both bride and groom come from large extended families. We will invite both families to the wedding and reception of course, but they also both have tons of friends who are welcome to attend the wedding ceremony. Here's the catch...we can't afford a large reception, so for those who are invited to the reception we will include a reception invitation card with the wedding invitation. Should we include words on the wedding invitation to indicate that the reception will be by invitation only to prevent the embarrassment of some who are not invited to the reception from showing up? How do we word it tactfully so as to prevent hurt feelings?

  12. Is it proper for guests to assume the centerpieces at our reception are theirs to take home?

    I am using wrought iron open pumpkins with a votive inside for my fall wedding and would like to use them to later decorate our home or give to my aunts or my fiancé’s relatives that I am close to. In some cases I have more than one person at a table that I would like to receive the centerpiece. How should I handle this? Am I rude for not letting anyone take them or are guests rude to just up and leave with them?

  13. Can anyone help me with ideas for an Irish themed bridal shower?

    My best friend (who is Irish) is getting married and I would like to throw her an Irish themed wedding shower. (I live in the US). Conveniently, we will be having the shower in March, right around St. Patrick's Day, but other than that I have no idea what else to do. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to common traditions at bridal showers in Ireland or any ideas at all that I could use for this bridal party? Thanks so much!