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Simple Home Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Can someone please help with some ideas for a thriller story/trailer?

    Any simple ideas that are achievable for an a level student. nothing complex. & preferably with only girls.

  2. What is good wedding invitation etiquette?

    My mother in law is planning a ceremony for my husband and I to get married in front of our friends and family members, we already had a small ceremony between us and GOD. She is planning a backyard event, and we are going to invite 70-80 people, we know that only half can show up. I need assistance in creating the best most inexpensive of invitations to this event.Any Ideas are welcome.Since my husband and I are already married, and have been living together for 2years, I don't know how beneficial it would be to us to register at a bridal registery. My mother in law says to politely ask for money only, somehow in the invitations, is that rude?We are very low income, so we are trying to do this on a very low budget.

  3. What are some good wedding reception foods to serve?

    I'm wanting ideas for a reception meal, I'm wanting to keep it simple but yet have something that everyone will like. I want a home style feel to the food but nothing to messy and simple to cook. My family has been gracious enough to help by cooking whatever I come up with but I'm almost outta ideas. I've entertained the idea of a lasagna or speghetti dish but feared that would be alittle to messy for a semi casual reception. Any ideas?

  4. What is a good way to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary camping?

    We go camping every year--big family thing---about 60-70 people. One of my boyfriend's brothers is having a 25th wedding anniversay around that time and I offered to throw a 25th party while we are there. Informal of course, but what are some ideas for food/gifts/decorations? We're camping---so we have to keep it relatively simple/no frills. Ideas? Thoughts? He thought it was a great idea!

  5. How do you go about finding investors for starting a business venture?

    I have several ideas for different businesses that I believe would be successful in my community. I don't necessarily have the capital (or credit) right now, to start something on my own. And I'm not necessarily interested in working 80 hours a week to run the business until I retire, you know? More like, I want to start a business, then either hire other people to run it or, better yet, sell it to someone who wants to do whatever with it (expand, make a chain, whatever). Any web-site resources or books any of you would recommed? Better yet, any life experience/examples anyone is willing to share?

  6. How to do a Muslim wedding?

    My fiance and I are planning to get married in two years but I have no clue how to do a Muslim wedding. Im going to be Muslim soon but I have no idea how to plan our wedding. Some ideas would be nice. Oh and our color is blue!