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Small Home Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. I need ideas and advice about my small at home wedding?

    My now soon to be husband and I relocated across the country to Oregon for work. We don't know ANY ONE here. We have decided to get married. The wedding is this May. The wedding will be very small. Not because of budget, but because we don't see a lot of friends and family traveling out here.At least not any time soon. We have a huge yard ,perfect for a wedding and reception ...of any size. What is adequate???? Do you send out invitations to everyone? Even the people who already said they cant come? If you do send them out still, do you leave out the RSVP cards? If we are only having about 15 people, do you still do the whole wedding thing? Photographer, center pieces, favors flowers? We are planning to have the ceremony in the gardens in front,then reception on wrap around deck by the house. Probably bbq steaks for every one. Do we have to cook them our selves? With out supplying food, how do you hire some one to serve? I don't want to hire a wedding planner. For such a small party, I think that would be silly. I just need some advice and some questions answered. I would GREATLY appreciate any and all help any one wants to offer. Thank you all in advance for your hep

  2. What is a good gift to give to guests after a wedding dinner reception?

    For example, sometimes guests are given chololate in a small box to take home after the dinner reception. Is there anything else apporpriate that can be given (and also around the same price) ?

  3. how long should i start planning my wedding?

    we are already had our civil wedding 3 1/2 yrs ago but are planning on our church wedding for august 2012. how much time do i need in advanced? a year? year and a half? also i love the color teal (its like a blue greenish color) but i dont know if i should do teal and white or teal and chocolate brown? what do you think?

  4. How do I plan a small wedding at home in 4 months on a low budget?

    I need ideas ASAP on anything, my dress, the decorations, wedding favors and all that good stuff. specially on the wedding favors i really want to make them myself just don't know what to make.

  5. What ideas do you have for centerpieces with ivy plants?

    I'm getting married in March 2010 we have a limited budget.How about of ivy plants with a few roses in them. Our colors are burgundy and ivory. What's your opinion on that idea? If you have any other ideas I could use that would be appreciated. Thanks

  6. How much would you pay for these?

    Hello, I am starting up a small home business called 'Bonny Wee Sweets' focusing on fancy confectionery bags for all occasions from gift bags to wedding favours, I will be personalising these to the customers specific themes, ideas and most importantly their favourite sweets. Before fully launching this I am doing some consumer research, I have created a few 'models' of sweet bags i would be looking to sell and was wondering what people would pay for them. I have attached the link to my Facebook page which so far has four different bags on it; an easter theme, a baby girl theme, a baby boy theme and a scottish theme. So basically what would you be willing to pay for these and would you purchase them for any special occasions? Thank you. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bonnie-Wee-Sweets/361116227331003?ref=stream Also 100 grams is supplied inside each bag. And they come fully packed and will be posted with bubble wrap inside a box so no damage is incurred during postage.

  7. Any good ideas on how to start a bake sale?

    After the Thanksgiving holiday my husband loved my pies so much that he recommended I sell them to make extra money. I think it's a great idea but don't know where to get started. Does anyone have any advice. I need to know where to get bulk ingredients cheap as well as a special packaging. What else? HELP!

  8. How do I start a floral design business from home?

    I'm young and have enjoyed doing wedding flowers/arrangements for small things, so far. I'd like to get into my own personal business but have no idea as to how to "become" a business at-home and don't know anything about how to get myself noticed. Any tips?

  9. What are some beautiful locations to take wedding pictures in Los Angeles, CA?

    Im getting married this weekend and we still dont have a place to go take pictures. Any ideas, maybe a nice garden. Anything in between Los Angeles, and Anaheim would be great. Thanks! And I already asked my photographer but they weren't too helpful.

  10. How do I handle noisy children at my wedding ceremony?

    My aunt has an autistic grand-child who she cares for a lot of the time. Even though we are not inviting the child's mother (my cousin), we are expecting the child to come to the wedding anyway. She can't help but constantly make noise and sometimes takes her clothes off. I'm worried this will be distracting. How do I express my concerns to my aunt without offending her? I can't have a "no children" wedding because I have a child myself and feel it would be hypocritical.

  11. How do I explain to my fiance that I do not want a big wedding?

    He is dead set on a big "to do" wedding and I am paying for everything. Therefore I want it to be as "low key" as possible. Help, I am desperate.